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PIRform allows you to enter as much text as necessary in the relevant places

PIRform allows you to enter as much text as is

necessary in all the relevant places, such as agreed limitations, observations and recommendations, and circuit designation. The following are some of the benefits of this flexibility: n No restrictions on how many certificates you can create

n No restrictions on the number of distribution boards in an installation

n Automatic continuation page generation n Automatic circuit chart generation

Support PIRform’s support has already been described as first-class by existing users – and what’s more, it’s free. IT and electrical support is included in the software licence fee, as are updates to the program – including changes to BS 7671. Amendment 1 of BS 7671 will be with us soon, which introduces a new Electrical Installation Condition Report. Those who have a current PIRform licence will be automatically entitled to this addition as part of their licence fee.

Pricing Pricing of PIRform is very simple. With no hidden costs, and at only £75 per licence (Lite Edition), PIRform is unbelievable value, and you will soon see the benefits and the cost saving it provides. Even greater discounts are available to both ECA registered members and ELECSA registrants on PIRFORM Lite and the Premium edition, which launches later in the year.

Premium Edition PIRform will be releasing a Premium Edition of its software later in 2011. This will include a powerful Certificate Sharing feature, which allows multiple users to send each other PIRform files. This is an excellent feature for remote electricians who want to send their certificates to a central office. Premium Edition will also contain an additional

set of certificates for fire alarm and emergency lighting. Along with a host of unique new features, and priced at £199 per licence, this provides the complete electrical testing and certification package at an unbeatable price.

68 ECA Today May 2011

Wiha’s award-winning hand tools – now available from the ECA’s online shop Wiha hand tools

Hand tools can sometimes be taken for granted. They have existed since the dawn of man and have one objective: to turn the input power of your hand into the output power of your choice. You can now strip cables, drive screws and cut through wire – all you need is an opposable thumb! The quality and efficiency of a hand tool will give you higher work output and require less physical input. It’s a pretty simple ask, but when a tool fails to do its job it can be frustrating, tiring and, sometimes, very costly.

ECA and Wiha The ECA has now formed an alliance with German hand tool specialists Wiha Tools to bring some of its equipment into the UK, so that you can now benefit from these award-winning products. The first few available to ECA registered members were VDE screwdrivers, and these have been met with very positive comments; ‘Why did nobody make some like that before?’ was a very common question. But now, ECA registered members have these solutions in their tool kits up and down the country. The VDE screwdrivers’ slim TECHNOLOGY insulation has proven to be a massive hit, and the launch of the world’s first VDE torque setting screwdriver needs no further explanation. Wiha’s award-winning pliers have now been

added to the ECA’s offering, with two ranges to choose from – the traditionally shaped DynamicJoint pliers and the ground breaking Inomic angled pliers.

Dynamic joint Wiha Tools’ reputation is built on innovation, quality and reliability, so when it came to pliers, they tasked themselves with creating the best tools on the market.

Using traditional pliers to cut hard materials

generates huge torsion and twisting forces in the plier’s hinge, and subsequent friction on the two surfaces of the hinge. If the friction can be lowered, then the input effort required by the user will be lower. The joint on the hinge is traditionally lapped

50/50 between the front and back. The closer this joint is moved towards the side with the cutting edge, then the less twisting and friction is created. DynamicJoint has the joint of the lap at 40/60 to keep the cutting edge and the position of the joint in as straight a line as possible, while ensuring strength and durability. German test-house TUV tested the Wiha

DynamicJoint pliers, along with those of other leading manufacturers, to measure which were the easiest to cut with. Their extensive testing proved that even after 1200 cuts in 1.6mm hard wire that the DynamicJoint pliers required less force. DynamicJoint is now available on certain Wiha side cutters and combination pliers. Extra-broad arms and two different elastomers

The two components of the handle move parallel to one another and are lightly sprung open to increase control

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