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NEWS MBT arrives at Westfield, London

Functional footwear pioneer, MBT launched their flagship stand alone store in March at Westfield, London. The 28 sq m store is MBT’s first mono brand store in London. Designed in house, the store reflects the brand’s international store portfolio, featuring the white and red logo and the brand’s unique Masai sensor on fixtures and fittings. The flagship will offer the full and complete range of footwear for both men and women across casual, athletic and dress styles from the Spring Summer collection. This season’s star performer is the Nafasi, a

stylish men and women’s sneaker made of fashionable crinkle leather with perforation detailing, available in three colours making it’ a style staple suitable for any wardrobe. This season’s dress range delivers ultimate style and sophistication with renowned Alberto Del Biondi at the helm of design. Sleek silhouettes successfully define the range, perfect for professionals who want natural movement all day whilst staying smart.

Launching the IMBOX Danprotex, Denmark gets ready to provide you with the ULTIMATE in

weather proofing your shoes! This is a new revolutionary eco friendly weather-proofing technique. No need for aerosol sprays or worrying about breathing in the fumes, the

IMBOX is an environmentally friendly and people friendly machine. The Imbox protects footwear against water and liquids, stains and

blotches, bleaching by sunlight, infestation by fungus, mould and mildew, and can be used on all surfaces with the exception of patent leather. Many people may think that carbon emission is under control. However,

whether you are cleaning your coffee table, or you are in your back garden trying to spray to protect your newly purchased shoes or boots, the spray canister you may be holding will have carbon based propellants that carry the cleaning or protecting agent to the surface area. The Imbox will introduce you to an innovative process for footwear

protection that is carbon free- Yes, 100% carbon free. It is probably the safest FPP (Footwear Protection Process) in the world. The Imbox is supplied FREE for all retailers.

Here is the science bit..... Through a combination of nozzles, filters and a pump system our

carefully formulated impregnation fluid impregnates and protects the item in just 40 seconds. It is:

• 100% safe for shop employees and • 100% safe for customers.

After the footwear protection process is complete a vacuum created by

negative pressure from a fan located in the floor of the box quickly removes the vaporised liquid in the air. An additional filter that separates the fan from the rest of the box purifies the air. The Imbox is a easy to use and fast way of protecting you, your shoes and most importantly, the environment. People know that regular impregnation extends the lifetime of footwear.

Shoes and boots will repel dirt and moisture, and generally keep their looks for longer. The Imbox is a machine developed to impregnate the surface area of

footwear in a manner that benefits the environment, your staff and your customers.

8 • FOOTWEAR TODAY • APRIL 2011 MBT continues its path of innovation by

introducing a feather construction to the Kesho MJ, partly concealing the mid sole to give a much lighter and slimmer appearance. Chic ladies sandal styles will be exclusive for a limited time at the Westfield store, including the hotly anticipated Swala slip on in luxurious gold leather. MBT UK Head of Marketing Bettina Frohn, is “delighted to see the opening of the flagship store where the customer has the chance to experience the brand in a dedicated exclusive environment, in such a cutting edge shopping centre”. Dedicated in store experts will be on hand to provide customers with the ultimate MBT experience, including its superior fitting service as standard. With 430 MBT mono brand stores including flagship stores in Milan, Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai and the Cologne area, and 190 shop-in-shops, MBT will continue to expand throughout major cities in the U.S., Europe and worldwide.

Tel: 0208 743 1182.

The Imbox machine is a must have as it is designed to be part of the shop interior design. Your customers will walk away with their footwear protected against adverse weather in an ever changing meteorological environment – All in just 40 seconds. The Imbox will not: Discolor or make unwanted marks. The Imbox treatment involves spraying of all types of footwear surfaces in an enclosed chamber

The PROCESS will protect: • Footwear by making them dirt and water repellent. • The ‘new look’ of your footwear. • Fabric/leather against bleaching by sunlight. • From attack by fungus, mould, mildew and salt stains.

The Imbox has been a revolution to businesses throughout Denmark and Norway. The customer feedback has been immensely encouraging as the end users have often said how unique the service is. Stores have boasted increased sales as a direct result of the Imbox service.

Danprotex A/S. Denmark. Contact

Marketing/sales director Sam Chakraborty: 0045 22 11 05 78 or e -mail

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