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FROM THE EDITOR Tidings of comfort

“ O

h to be in England now that April’s here.” This country has changed a good deal since Browning wrote 'Home Thoughts from Abroad'. Back from the major shoe Autumn/Winter 2011 shows, it certainly feels good to be

home in Kent, “While the chaffinch sings on the orchard bough”, and nothing is better than a sunny April morning! The season has been hectic, with exhibitor numbers up at

Pure London and Moda. Attendance was also strong at the larger European shoe events, which reported busy shows, but overall visitor numbers were down on the previous season’s registrations.

In this edition, we report back from the shows, including Moda

and GDS, plus a fascinating Trends Forecast from the style gurus at GDS for the Autumn/Winter 2011/12 season. If you’re looking for Comfort Footwear for your lady customers for next winter, check out our Editor’s Choice page 14 for the cream of the crop for Autumn/Winter 2011/12, selected especially for you by yours truly. At a time when retailers are increasingly under pressure to

persuade the public to part with their declining amounts of disposable income the decisions as to what products should be stocked, and, just how much space they should be allocated in store is a crucial one. In this edition we look set out a compelling case for giving “below the ankle” items, so often completely ignored, some serious consideration. At the last count the worldwide market value of this sector

was $1 billion! With the phenomenal worldwide success of just one product, Yaktrax, this winter, this figure is unlikely to have diminished. We also bring news of a revolutionary eco-friendly weather-proofing technique for your customer’s shoes. No need for aerosol sprays or worrying about breathing in the fumes, the IMBOX is an environmentally friendly and people friendly machine (see page 8). Finally, our delectable footwear reporter Dawn Smith, test

drives two designs from the Joya range of feel-good footwear. They’re a joy to wear, and great for your foot health too, writes Dawn in her Tidings of Comfort and Joya!. Karl Müller Jr, the son and namesake of the inventor of MBT

(Masai Barefoot Technology) Karl Müller, was the test driver for his father's shoes as a child but always wanted to develop his own footwear. After founding two successful fashion labels, Mymui and Royal Sunday, Karl launched the Joya brand, setting out to create the softest shoe in the world. And, as far as Dawn’s feet are concerned, he's done the business. Read more on page 16. Enjoy! Next month, we’re testing Festival Wellies, a category that is

enjoying a boom in sales. Meanwhile, I’m intending to put my feet up for a while, along with a few other folk from the footwear trade, no doubt!

Happy Easter everyone! Best regards, Cheryl

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FRONT COVER: AETREX The Aetrex mission is to create the

healthiest shoes on the market today with fashion, function and quality at the forefront. Aetrex designs and

manufactures casual, dress, sandal,

athletic and therapeutic footwear for men and women

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