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SW Spotlight by Scott MacGregor

Lure of Kayak Fishing A low water something to do

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Canada Day weekend saw the first ever combined whitewater and fishing tourna- ment, the Boatwerks Big Bass Downriver Classic. Jeff Strano of Boatwerks explains, “The Gull River is home to local and cot- tage fishers and whitewater boaters. The Classic is designed to get paddlers out fishing with the local community and to get the locals involved in our whitewater event.” There were three individual prizes

awarded: local fisherman Gary George won the Bass Master trophy with a whop- ping four-pound largemouth. Dale Monkman was crowned Downriver King fin- ishing ahead of Ben Aylsworth in the three- on-three downriver heats. Aylsworth's sec- ond place downriver finish and a pathetic third-pound smallmouth bass was enough for him to be awarded the tournament’s overall Grand Champion.

Glossary of Fishing/Paddling Terms

Barb n. 1 a spur found on the point of most fishhooks. 2 a waitress at the Wilno Tavern.

bonehead n. 1 a species of tuna. 2 a paddler who shows up without his helmet (again!).

bounce v. 1 when you bring a fish to the boat and you lift it over the rail and on the deck without the assistance of a gaff or net. 2. act performed by young, athletic paddlers in painfully small boats on scary river features.

depthfinder n. 1 a sonar device, either a flasher unit or LCR recorder, used to read the bottom structure, determine depth, and in some cases actually spot the fish. 2 a paddler who swims every set of rapids.

feeder creek n. 1 a tributary to a stream. 2 a tributary to a river.

roe n. 1 fish eggs. 2 what your family thinks you do on the weekends.

wormin' v. 1 the act of fishing with a plastic worm, lizard, crawfish, or similar bait. 2 the act of jumping ahead in eddy line-ups; also known as snaking.

our hole n. 1 a proprietary term used by anglers to describe the area they intend to fish. (My hole, their hole, etc.) Though actually all holes are all anglers’ holes since the lakes being fished are mostly public water. It's only your hole if you get there first. Otherwise it's their hole. 2 proprietary term used by paddlers to describe the area they intend to paddle. (My hole, their hole, etc.) Though actually all holes are all paddlers’ holes since the rivers being paddled are mostly public water. It's only your hole until you flush. Then, it's their hole. 

SW Rapid Reviews by Tim Shuff

Nylon Matrix Thermoplastic Patented Performance MFG in Canada by Baycomp

Burning Time by Scott Lindgren Short on dialogue, long on adrenaline, Burning Time is


12 //

probably one of the best non-narrated doses of paddle porn I’ve seen, laced with some Alaskan extreme skiing and California BASE jumping to great effect. Lindgren travelled to some of the most impressive water on the planet—the Zambezi, the White Nile, creek runs in Mexico and the High Sierra. The musical selections are well matched—like Appalachian bluegrass with a techno beat for West Virginia’s New River. You’ve got your breathtaking footage of Steve Fisher on huge African water, a scene of 10-year-old Dane Jackson running class V, and a few Canadian cameos. There’s not much to improve but the storyline—i.e., there isn’t one. And how come the non-paddlers get all the good speaking roles? The ski and BASE jumping scenes are the most dramatic by far, and Red Bull jumper Miles Daisher gets some of the best surfer-dude lines I’ve heard since Crush the sea turtle in Finding Nemo—“This is gonna be like a buckin’ bronco ride.” Worth watching to the end just to see what happens when he flips a kayak at 12,000 feet and can’t roll up before he has to pull the chute. $26.95 US on DVD. 

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