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Blake and Gwen Beckcom 4019 Goldfinch Street 92103

(619) 794-0014 PRIVACY, RESPECT FOR YOUR TIME, RESULTS. These are the cornerstones of what Fitness Together is all about. We have created an environment where our clients train in luxury private suites away from the unwanted stares, and the wait- ing found in most “gyms.” Our workouts are specifically tailored to you, your goals, and your schedule. Our Nutrition Together program helps you stay account- able to sensible food behaviors that enhance your transforma- tion. For those seeking serious personal fitness training and nutritional guidance in a private, welcoming, and safe studio that allows them to commit to and achieve their wellness goals, Fit- ness Together offers highly per- sonalized one-on-one workouts with knowledgeable, friendly and skilled trainers. The environ- ment is clean and upscale, with more focus on individual clients than in any other fitness facility. People who train at Fitness To- gether GET RESULTS. You CAN have the body you’ve always wanted.

Engine Room Fitness 1014 5th Ave. Ste. 120 92101

(858) 2315267 I was bored with traditional spin classes, and so was my body. I had hit a fitness plateau and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. So I decided to check out Engine Room Fitness after hearing you could burn up to 800 calories an hour rowing! I was a bit nervous after learning the coaches were Olympic row- ers, because I thought it might be too intense.

But 10 minutes into my first class, I was hooked. IndoRow is low-impact, yet you are get- ting heart-pumping cardio and strength training combined. The group setting was comforting, and the competitive, team envi- ronment was fun, yet challeng- ing. I also enjoyed being able to go at my own pace without feel- ing I was holding up the class. I soon began incorporating

more dynamic workouts into my routine, like Engine Room’s Hard Core and Fusion classes. I am amazed how Luke and Dan can take Olympic-caliber exercises and adapt them to my fitness level. I appreciate being pushed out of my comfort zone, because that’s what it takes to finally see results. Experiencing the hard work and dedication its takes to be Olympians, the best in the world, inspires me to reach my fitness goals.

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Breakthrough in gum disease treatment!

The World Health Organiza-

tion reports that as many as 85 percent of the U.S. population has a form of gum disease. Symp- toms range from: swollen, sensi- tive, bleeding or receding gums; sensitive teeth; obvious plaque, tartar or calculus; spaces develop- ing between teeth; or loose teeth. Bad breath or halitosis, is another symptom. Unfortunately, most people

are not even aware they have gum disease. This is because the signs are not readily visible and they do not experience any pain associated with the disease. Gum disease has been linked to a host of secondary, more serious ailments such as respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Type II diabetes, car- diovascular disease, and blood clots and strokes.

Regular visits to the dentist

are the best path for prevention, and if diagnosed, most dentists will propose a variety of long- term treatment programs such as scaling and root planing treat- ment. For more severe cases, treatment may require periodon- tal surgery where the gums are cut, cleaned and sewn back together. However, such painful options are no longer necessary because of new advancements in dental lasers.

Evelyn G. Ascough DDS in

Hillcrest is one of 14 dentists in the San Diego and Riverside areas to be fully trained and licensed to perform Laser Periodontal Therapy™, an

FDA-cleared and patented laser-gum therapy that greatly reduces the pain and recovery time associated with traditional gum surgery. Dr. Ascough uses the PerioLase MVP-7, the latest generation of dentistry’s first pulsed Nd:YAG laser and the world’s most widely used dental laser platform. It is also the first laser in dentistry to incorporate digital technology for enhanced performance and reliability. “The PerioLase MVP-7 is the first and only laser to receive FDA approval for the patented periodontal procedure known as Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP). The latest clinical results validate the safe and successful use of PerioLase for the treatment of periodontal disease without using scalpels or sutures,” remarked Dr. Ascough. This technology offers clear advantages; teeth normally indicated for removal can be saved because LANAP actually facilitates bone regeneration unlike traditional methods. There is also minimal or no gum recession, one of the largest dis- advantages of regular surgery. “Patients that have undergone both traditional surgery and LANAP recognize the immedi- ate benefits of lasers in signifi- cantly reducing pain as well as a higher rate of recovery, said Dr. Ascough.

If you believe you may have gum disease, please contact Dr. Ascough at (619) 298-0821 for a complimentary consultation today.

Engine Room Fitness uses methods developed exclusively for Olympians... Proven to produce results.

15% off first package of personal training or

15% off class package USER CODE ERF101 contact:

(858) 231-5267

1014 5th Avenue #120 San Diego, CA 92101 *Free Gaslamp Parking*

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