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Boulevard Fitness 2110 El Cajon Blvd. 92104

(619) 296-7878

Joining a fitness center is a big decision, deciding to improve your health and fitness level with a gym membership can change your life. That’s why at Boulevard Fitness we will welcome you with a smile and you will be treated as an important member of our com- munity. Boulevard Fitness is located in heart of North Park, right next to Hillcrest and Uni- versity Heights neighborhoods. Members of Boulevard Fitness are people of the community; men and women who embrace positive environments. Boulevard Fitness offers

many great services free of charge to our members: Free


towel service, free group classes: Bootcamp, yoga, abs, etc. Our members also love Banana Mon- days, where Boulevard Fitness says thanks to our members by rewarding their hard work with a healthy Bananas!

Choosing a gym is an impor-

tant step. You need to make sure that you are happy with your decision, or it will be another bar- rier you have to overcome when working towards your goals.

Rick Sanchez

Certified Massage Therapist 1421 Lincoln Avenue (619) 688-0668 Rick Sanchez has been certi-

fied and licensed since 1995, working on both the east and west coast, as well as between northern and southern Califor- nia. In San Diego he is located in the Hillcrest/University Heights area, right off the 163 freeway with plenty of parking,

and easy access by car or pub- lic transportation. His train- ing began in Sonoma County in Northern California. Since then, he has worked all around the country. His techniques were developed specifically for men, including Swedish and deep-tissue combinations (Swedish is a lighter form of massage for less-strained muscle groups and deep-tissue works the more strenuous and stronger muscle groups). All appointments include a variety of heated oils and lotions, as well as specific crèmes, depending on your issue. Aromatherapy is used to relax your spirit and senses and is used in all appoint- ments. Sanchez also uses a variety of instruments which may be needed to increase circulation and blood flow to certain muscle groups, creating a “revitalizing effect,” which is his goal.

Hot-stone therapy also

is included in the 90-minute massage appointments, which deepens the relaxation of muscles and is believed to help balance energies in the body. The environments are clean, tranquil and calming. A shower is available at both locations. Mr. Sanchez’s goal is to main- tain his high volume of repeat customers by offering them a reasonable rate with the utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Yoga Oasis

1450 University Ave. #201 92103

(619) 542-1842 Yoga Oasis is San Diego’s center for yoga with a heart. Whoever you are and wherever you are on your yogic journey, you are welcome here. No other yoga studio offers more variety of yoga. Yoga styles include As- tanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, Gentle, Rajah and more. All our classes have this in common – they are taught by experienced, capable and positive instructors who teach in a light, friendly and supportive environment. Ev- eryone from the beginner to the experienced practitioner will find something fulfilling for the body, mind, heart & soul. The studio is centrally located in Hillcrest at 1450 University Ave. Suite #201, 92103. There is free parking on site and on the street. Visit www. for details about the class schedule, descriptions, teacher’s bios, special events and more.

Tan Line

2419 El Cajon Blvd. 92104

(619) 295-8267 Tanline has been serving

Hillcrest and North Park since 1996. It has been located on the corner of El Cajon Boulevard and Texas Street since Septem-

ber 2008. One amazing aspect of

Tanline is the numerous options available to capture that perfect tan. In a large and comfortable space, they offer a host of premi- um tanning beds. Depending on the bed, some have a maximum time of seven to 10 minutes. The timing is based on the bed’s intensity as well as the UVA and UVB arrangement. Tanning beds are available that match each individual client’s specific needs. In addition to the array of beds, from lay-down to stand-up, they have a leg tanner and a Mystic tan booth.

The newest addition to services is airbrush tanning. Tan Line offers first-time customers a special price of just $30. They can have you in a beautiful, natural- looking tan in about 10 minutes that will last five to 10 days, depending on the individual.

Jiai Aikido 980 Buenos Ave. Unit C 92110

(619) 276-2454

March 19th 12pm - 4pm come join us for a party!

FOOD • DRINK • MUSIC • RAFFLE You could win:

• Free Personal Training for 1 month • Free Massage • Gift Certificates • Free VEGA Products • Free Chiropractic Exam & adjustment


(619) 450-6035


Effective Martial Arts for women, kids, and adults of all sizes and levels.

“ALL PEOPLE WELCOME.” Confidence, grace, health, power, relaxation… Feel at home in a dojo.

We have a beginner’s package for $150 that includes a training uniform & TWO months of training! We also offer Jujitsu and Systema. Bring in this ad to redeem offer. • 619.276.2454

“Do you want to start Martial Arts but don’t want to “fight,” are unsure of where to go? Jiai Aikido offers great prices and programs for kids/adults of all sizes, ages, and levels, with a welcoming atmosphere. Aikido is not about fighting or competi- tions. Aikido movements blend with the opponent, and are soft, rational, and smooth in nature; but by applying a bit of force can become devastatingly effective. Jiai Aikido offers spiritual/per- sonal development and exercise, while teaching etiquette, compas- sion, confidence, balance, pos- ture, power, and relaxation. The gentle quality of Aikido makes it appealing to anyone regardless of age/body type, while its power makes it an effective martial. A two- or three-month Begin- ner’s Package allows you to try unlimited Aikido, Systema, and BJJ classes taught by top instruc- tors seven days a week for an incredibly low price. It is never too late or soon, to make friends, work on self improvement, or to learn how to defend yourself and others. A beautiful training space, friendly students, and the best training await you at Jiai Aikido.”

see H&F, page 27

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