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14 San Diego Uptown News | Mar. 18–31, 2011


Get Happy! Dr. Ink

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SOHO Annual

April 15th Home Improvement Section Baja Betty’s

1421 University Ave., 92103


Happy Hour: 2 to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday


e originally set out for a soaking in cheap beer at The Alibi’s lively dive

digs, but instead acquired a festive wobble from tequila-heavy margari- tas at Baja Betty’s, where phallic balloons occasionally float above blushing birthday celebrants. Changing course at the last min- ute came easy; Dr. Ink and friend were hungry, and we learned that Betty’s slashes its prices also on Mexican noshes during afternoon happy hour. The Alibi is foodless, although it has a diversely stocked juke box and pool tables, so maybe next time.

The generous measures of tequila that go into Betty’s $3 margaritas demand $3 appetizers to avoid inebriation of the highest order – assorted quesadillas, fla- menco flautas, mini tacos, queso dip and more. Items containing seafood don’t apply. No problemo. Margaritas are available in

pre-made form, from a churning slush machine, or hand-shaken by chirpy, fast-moving bartenders who pour beyond the shot lines when merging the liquor with adequately sweetened, lime-spiked sour mix. Either way, the drinks are big, eas- ily topping 16 ounces, we surmised. Bottled beer is also $3 during

these bargain hours. My friend seized upon Bohemia, an equally light alternative to Corona and

$3 margaritas and appetizers at Baja Betty's happy hour—inebriation of the highest order.

Pacifica, but cleaner tasting by most accounts. The purity of his suds, however, would soon be counterbal- anced by a crispy open-face quesa- dilla the size of a medium pizza. Bedded on a good and greasy

four tortilla shell, the cheesy topping is made more sinful with dollops of sour cream. Slam down more than two margaritas and the dish becomes an effective elixir for regaining equilibrium. An order of fresh guacamole

served in a tulip-shaped tortilla shell obliges with sprinkles of cotija cheese and pairs swimmingly with any libation you put to your mouth. The shell was filled with a couple generous scoops of the mashed fruit. For $3, it’s a swell deal considering the escalating price of avocados. Hurray to the establishment for

extending happy hour to all sections of the restaurant – the dining room, bar lounge and front sidewalk patio. Relegate Dr. Ink to the cramped confines of some bull pen and everyone within two feet becomes subject to a little accidental sloshing on their sleeves without my apolo- gies. Happy hour isn’t only about

indulging in booze and food deals; it’s a time to stretch the body as much as we do the brain.u


Drinks: Betty’s margaritas are strongly liquored and quite flavorful; not too sour, not too cloying. The beer selec- tion is reasonably accommodating, with plenty of domestics to choose from.

Food: If you’re overdue for an American-style Mexican food fix, the reduced-price appetizers duly satisfy with fresh gua- camole, mini tacos, various quesadil- las and bright, feisty salsas.

Value: Betty’s happy-hour deals are easy to remember. Everything’s $3: margari- tas, beer and appetizers.


The staff appear genuinely happy to be working here, which helps fuel the festive ambience of the place.

Duration: Any happy hour that starts at 2 p.m., and stays going past a 9-to-5 work day wins our utmost approval.

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Marston House Museum Shop 3525 Seventh Avenue

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Featuring the work of Cliff May: The Early Years 1933-36

Irving Gill • William Hebbard Frank Mead • Richard Requa Event Headquarters

Historic Home Tour

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Proceeds benefit SOHO’s advocacy and preservation work Proceeds benefit SOHO’s advocacy and preservation work

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Weekend March 26-27, 2011

Stone Old Guardian Barleywine versions. “Let them age. Let the flavors mellow out. Taste them again in three years, and see how they do. That’s one thing I’m look- ing forward to myself.” We get to taste a lot of beers in

this city, but it’s not often that we take the time to focus on beer’s individual ingredients. I really don’t think there’s a more acces- sible opportunity to start learning about yeast than this spring’s “Odd Beers for Odd Years” lineup from Stone. Both versions are available in 22-oz. bottles wher- ever Stone is distributed.u

FiFinancial support is provided by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture.

nancial support is provided by the City of San Die o Commission for Arts and Culture.

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