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Even More Benefits for You

Membership, it’s all about the services and benefits the staff and volunteers of the NCGA provide you and the community of golf in Northern California. It’s also about value, such

By Lyn Nelson, CEO/Executive Director • New for 2011—

Discounts on plane tickets for NCGA members and companions. Restrictions may apply, effective January 1 • Discounts on Bay Area

as the programs and services we offer through partnerships with premier companies like Dell computers and the fantastic member advantage golf courses providing dis- counted golf. In addition, as a member of the NCGA you are a MEMBER of two very special properties, Poppy Ridge in Livermore and Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach. As a member, the properties are your courses to play at a significant discount over regular rates, and to enjoy discounts in the pro shop and restaurants. We’ve conducted surveys

and spoken to many mem- bers and non-members and learned some signifi- cant information that will require us to do a better job of promoting the NCGA. We discovered that many of you are not aware of the programs and relationships we have established on your behalf. Many members did not know that the NCGA offers the following benefits: • Poppy Hills green fees

$55/75 vs. normal rate of $190/225 (weekday/weekend) • Poppy Ridge green fees

$45/60 vs. normal rate of $100/110 (weekday/weekend) • Dell computers 7% discount off lowest pub- lished prices (*Product Code NCGA)

2 / NCGA.ORG / FALL 2010

sports teams tickets • Participation in mem- ber outings at top resorts and private clubs for a great price • Member Advantage benefits at more than 90 courses • A variety of NCGA

tournaments and events • E-mail notices of deals

and promotions at Northern California courses • Discounts at Golf Mart • Discounts at many

hotels including Inns by the Sea and Best Western in Half Moon Bay • Complimentary clin-

ics throughout Northern California taught by PGA professionals Membership value has

never been better, and our goal is to “make your green go further.” Associations are required to perform three core functions: provide hand- icap services, conduct course ratings and manage tourna- ments. The NCGA excels in all three categories with the largest tournament calendar in the country (400 tourna- ment days per year), and our Handicap and Course Rating Department is represented by Jim Cowan, who also serves on the USGA’s Handicap Committee. I hope you are proud to be

a member of the NCGA, and as we prepare for fall renewal, we sincerely wish that you

participate in our “Fill Your Foursome” program (any ex- isting NCGA member who brings three new members into the NCGA will receive one complimentary four- some to either Poppy Hills or Poppy Ridge...the only requirement is complimen- tary rounds must be played between November 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011). Visit for more details. Another new program

is our Holiday Membership Package. From now until December 15, for as low as $45, receive a full-year’s membership in our Introduc- tory Member Program and a logo hat and ball marker shipped to your home or your recipient’s home. A great gift for the holidays! More details and purchasing options are available online. The NCGA also repre-

sents you in matters relating to legislation in California. Water restrictions and taxation concerns relative to property taxes have been hot topics this year. Advo- cacy and representation on your behalf have successfully held off imposed increases that would affect what you pay for golf. We are care- fully watching and strongly opposing any proposed tax increases on services that will be broader based than the 10% proposed in 2009. Our charter is to be your ambassador in golf and pro- vide unparalleled value and services for your $36 mem- bership fee. This organiza- tion is unique in owning two golf properties and having the pleasure of operating in Northern California, one of the great golf destinations of the world in one of the most beautiful regions in our country. We are there for you, on and off the course!


Editorial, Advertising & Business Office 3200 Lopez Road/P.O. Box NCGA Pebble Beach, CA 93953 831/625-4653 Fax: 831/625-0150 Internet Address: E-mail:

Communications & Magazine Fax: 831/622-0560

Course Rating & Handicapping and Membership Fax: 831/622-0549

Rules & Competitions Fax: 831/622-0580

Poppy Hills Golf Course Golf Reservations: 831/625-2035 Fax: 831/626-5421

Administration: 831/625-1513 Golf Shop: 831/622-8239

Poppy Ridge Golf Course Golf Reservations: 925/455-2035 Fax: 925/455-2020

Administration: 925/447-6779 Golf Shop: 925/456-8202

Editor and Publisher Hilary Heieck

Assistant Editor Scott Seward

Contributing Editor Kendall Matous

Art Direction & Production Great Graphics, Laurie Lee

2011 Publication Dates Bluebook (Winter) Edition ..Jan10 Spring Edition ................ April 22 Summer Edition .............. July 21 Fall Edition .......................Oct 13

Photos in the magazine: Hilary Heieck, Scott

Seward, Kendall Matous, Joann Dost (cover shot). Some photos supplied by featured golf courses and credited when necessary. For rates and space information for the

above publication, please contact the NCGA of- fice (831/625-4653) or Western United States— Tom Black, 301 East Ocean Blvd., Suite 300, Long Beach, CA. 90802 (562/590-5143). NCGA Golf Magazine (ISSN-1524-4385) is

published quarterly by the Northern California Golf Association, 3200 Lopez Road, Pebble Beach, 93953. All rights reserved, including right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. Members pay an annual subscription fee of $1. Printed in U.S.A. Please send change of address notice on Member Change form (avail- able at your club). Periodical postage paid at Pebble Beach, CA and additional mailing of- fices. Advertising contained herein does not constitute endorsement by the Northern California Golf Association. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to NCGA Golf Maga- zine, P. O. Box NCGA, Pebble Beach, CA. 93953-1157.

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