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appearance for revolutionary slot machine

or the first time in the United States, video slot players can choose how they want to win with the revolutionary Magic

Touch video slot machine at Barona Resort & Casino. Developed by Incredible

Technologies, Magic Touch video slot games use a fun animated character, called the Prize Guy to explain and educate players about the three ways you can win: a low volatility game, designed to win often; a medium volatility game, designed to win steady; and a high volatility game, designed to win big. “The new Magic Touch game is one of the more exciting new products to launch at Barona because it empowers individual video slot players to choose how they want to win,” said Chuck Hickey, vice president of slots. “We believe cutting edge technology is only good if it is good for our players. Magic Touch is both great and exciting for our players and adds to their overall gaming experience.” Designed and created by

innovative slot machine manufacturer Incredible Technologies, the Magic Touch video slot games feature state- of-the-art 3-D graphics, animations and digital sound. Players can choose from four exciting and different themes, including the buzzing and fast Cars, colorful Fish Store, wild and exotic Fruit and action- packed Money. “If we’re not creating games that push the boundaries of imagination, we’re not doing our job,” said Elaine Hodgson, president and CEO of Incredible Technologies. “Much like us, Barona thrives on a spirit of innovation in entertainment, making them the premiere partner to launch our Magic Touch video slot games.”

JAWS moves in to Monte Carlo for Aristocrat T

he first European casino installation of Aristocrat’s JAWS Link has taken place in the prestigious Monegasque gaming resort with the progressive linked jackpot game going live at Monte Carlo’s Casino Café de

Paris in June. Aristocrat has licensed the JAWS game through an agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing. Société des Bains de Mer (SBM), exclusive operator

of five casinos in the principality, capitalised on the impact of its latest prize catch with an unprecedented outdoor advertising campaign. An invitation to players to “Bite into the Jackpots” at JAWS Link’s European player première, was promoted across more than 400 prime poster and billboard sites across Monaco and the Côte d’Azure. Monte Carlo Casinos Director General, Eric

Schroeter commented: “Slot games with an instantly recognisable brand behind them always deserve special treatment. Its iconic status means that JAWS is renowned throughout the world and represents an ideal gaming proposition. So it was with great confidence that we invested so heavily in promoting our launch. The instant reaction of players both on the first night and ever since then suggests that this game could prove to be as big a blockbuster as the original movie.” Pedro Extremera, Aristocrat’s Head of Sales for Central Europe, added: “There is great demand for

JAWS in several jurisdictions in Europe and we are delighted that its first public release is at a location with such a distinguished history in international international gaming. SBM has recognised the tremendous potential of the game, demonstrating huge confidence and experience with this powerful publicity programme.”

L-R: Eric Guazzonne, Casinos Slot Director; Patrice Solamito, Director of European Games; Eric Schroeter, Monte Carlo Casinos Director General; Pedro Extremera, Aristocrat’s Head of Sales – Central Europe.

G3 Progressive Jackpot in at Barona The new G3 Progressive Jackpot and Bonusing

System, supplied by DEQ, at Barona Resort & Casino links table games including Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, Mississippi Stud, three-card poker and four-card poker. The G3 is a linked table game bonusing system that offers progressive and random bonusing, multiple credit betting, random generated prizes and other cutting edge technology. “With more than seven ways to win from drawing a

royal flush to a magic card, our players have more chances to win from our giant accumulating jackpot,” said Mike Patterson, vice president of table games. “The Magic Progressive is unique because its high- tech bonusing technology allows us to link several different kinds of table games together so that the jackpot climbs higher, faster and increases the frequency of winning.” Guests can cash in if they participate in the Magic

Progressive by drawing a royal flush, straight flush, four-of-a-kind, full house, flush, straight or magic card. Players can win odds on 500 times their original wager ranging from $1 to $5 based on the hand. If the progressive wagered hand is a royal flush, the player wins 100 percent of the progressive jackpot. Meanwhile, the forward-thinking Barona plans to

further expand its chipless table gaming area. Recently, Barona expanded its existing bank of

Rapid Baccarat, Rapid Roulette and Barona i-Table Blackjack. Live dealers and standard casino playing cards are still an important part of play and determine the outcome of the game. But with these next-generation table games, instead of the ubiquitous bright-colored chips, all wagers are made on individual touch screen computer terminals. The feedback on Barona’s chipless games from

players of all gaming interests and levels has been overwhelmingly positive, notes Mike Patterson. “We’ve long been real proponents and early

adopters of innovative technology on the casino floor and our customers – both tech savvy and computer newcomers alike – tell us that chipless is much less intimidating and easier to play with the advantage of lower minimum bets,” says Patterson. Additionally, he says customers are thrilled because

“there are a lot of multiple feature bets with even more ways to win.” Chipless table games will soon transform the gaming industry, says Patterson, much the same way that the coinless slot machines Barona developed and introduced in 2000 revolutionized casino floors across the country. As long as our customers are excited and eagerly

embracing new technology, we’ll keep expanding our computer-based gaming,” says Patterson.


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