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existing with existing frameworks and integrating third-party components.

In many cases, replacing existing technologies can

prove to be a significant investment, especially when considering switching gaming machines to Ethernet- based EGMs and the upgrade in site wiring that comes with it. Returning to our cost-effective mantra from earlier, upgrades such as this can be achieved within the realms of reasonable financial investment through carefully planned transition methods. Naturally, your transitional option must be weighed up and an evolutionary model has to be built. In an ideal world, the scenario would be to buy new G2S- ready EGMs and include them into the system using the existing infrastructure – Ethernet – and to add the G2S agent to the floor server. But as we are very much in the real world of cost management, the financial commitment to such a transition would be immeasurably high, hence, why the transitional process is more complicated and

divided into multiple phases: Phase One

Gaming machines are given an overview and carefully chosen considering their ability to function

within the existing infrastructure. Phase Two

New, G2S-ready EGMs are added and connected to the Ethernet and parameterized on the G2S host system.

Phase Three

The decision as to which of the old/existing EGMs will be moved to G2S is made: G2S-ready EGMs will use G2S SAS (Slot Accounting System)-to-G2S converters will be added instead of traditional SMIBs (Smart Interface Boards) to the rest Traditional SMIBs are connected to EGMs with SAS

communications protocol on the one end and with proprietary protocol, usually over Ethernet, to the floor server on the other. SAS-to-G2S converters can transparently convert

SAS protocol into G2S protocol by using SAS to G2S converters instead of typical SMIBs.

Expertise Another important aspect to remember when

talking about replacing existing systems is expertise. The G2S and S2S protocols are refined systems that are leading edge in terms of the development of today’s casino technologies, and those overseeing their installation should be just as refined. Cooperation between casino or distributed gaming’s operators and experts, who have a lot of experience in this area, is crucial. When contemplating installing G2S and S2S to your casino floor, find those skilled and qualified to do so. There are many important parameters –

advantages, system upgrades, costs, system hardware maintenance, operability with the casino floor – that have to be explained and understood to make this transition quick, simple and of reasonable cost.

And this is where ComTrade comes into the equation, boasting, as it does, the world’s leading independent gaming expert centre. Being experts in the implementation and integration of GSA’s G2S and S2S protocol stacks for EGMs and floor servers, ComTrade has invaluable experience in, and understanding of, the complexities of new technology as well as a realistic perspective about the transition to better integrated casino and other land-based operations.

Being a principal driving force of these integrations,

we understand the problems our clients face and are doing all we can for gaming operators to ensure that new aspects of the gaming world are integrated as comfortably and successfully as possible.

Support These protocols are shaping the lay of the land for

the casino floor of the future and we fully believe that these new technologies are opportunities for operators to haul themselves into a new era of gaming deployment. We are here to oversee that these systems and enhancements are done via the most cost-effective routes possible, via the sort of seamless integration that requires no downtime, no loss of productivity and no loss of player of your operation. As the E&Y report mentioned, “those able to invest in their estates and developing their brands will fare better” in this period of change – by investing in your estate via integration of GSA protocols, you are investing in yours, and the industry’s, future.

Formally HERMES SoftLab, ComTrade offers a

wealth of knowledge and experience in the gaming industry and provides Electronic Game Machines (EGMs) and land based system vendors support for GSA’s protocols together with end-to-end consulting.


Development for ComTrade G2S/S2S building blocks: • ComTrade is committed to support the latest

developments in G2S/S2S protocols and applications. • ComTrade released support for G2S 2.0. • ComTrade will continue with development of

support for G2S/S2S latest versions. • Both the host and EGM simulators have

received significant improvements. • Improved support for phased approach

integration process to eliminate potential risks as early as possible. • Support for multi-platform targets has been enhanced. • ComTrade has synchronized and updated

interfaces to help easier integration. • ComTrade has updated and extended

automated test coverage of protocol stack code. • Protocol stack code has received several memory footprint and execution speed optimizations. • Better support for mid-range customers.

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