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Brintons glamour


Some of Brintons’ work from Resorts World, Singapore

Casino International: What exactly does Brintons do?

Nicola Hewitt: Brintons’ particular expertise is Axminster woven carpet. Brintons specialises in a particular niche and we aim to be very good at that one particular type of carpet and brand. Within that umbrella there are various different types of Axminster, so you can have broadloom carpet, carpet tiles, lots of types. Brintons became established mainly through its

residential business, but through the 50s and 60s found that actually, the strength of the construction of the carpet, and the durability of the carpet, meant it was particularly good in commercial environments – so the business changed. Now, the majority of


brings a bit of to the floor

A good carpet shouldn’t be undervalued, as it plays a large part in a customer’s impressions of your gaming venue. Casino International met with Brintons to find out more…

hink about it simply: when a customer walks in to your casino, what is the single biggest thing they see? More than likely, it’s the carpet. It is part of a very important first impression, and while that impression

is made the customer is deciding what kind of venue they’re entering, what kind of customers it attracts (ie, is it good enough for them?) and what kind of care the owners take of those customers. Its importance genuinely cannot be overstated; of course, there are also many practical aspects that have to be considered when selecting your carpet – but that’s why we have experts like Nicola Hewitt, Brintons’ Commercial Marketing Director, and Alan Hinton, Sales Manager for North and East Europe, on hand to help.

Brintons’ business is based on commercial properties in global sectors like marine, hospitality, leisure, gaming, and public areas. We now work globally, with offices in Kidderminster, London, Singapore, Australia, and America; we also have factories in Kidderminster, Portugal, India, and we’re breaking ground in China this year too. We’re very much at the cutting edge of the commercial business, and a key sector for us is gaming and casinos. Our strongest areas are west coast America, including Las Vegas (including The Palazzo), east coast America in Atlantic City, Australia, and the UK and Europe, which has been grown by Alan [Hinton] over the last five years.

CI: Where have you supplied carpets in Vegas? NH: One high profile installation was at The

Palazzo, for whom we wove a 1228A Axminster. With an Axminster, the first one or two numbers tell you how many rows per inch there are. In this one, there are 12 rows per inch, which is the density. Then there’s the pitch, or height of the carpet – in this case it’s two. Often we use just one, but if you want a luxurious carpet underfoot, for example in a residential environment, you might use a four, but that pitch crushes too easily for commercial use. In this case, the ‘8’ in 1228A means it’s a yarn blend, and we specialise in wool carpet, and in this case it means it’s 80 per cent wool, 20 per cent Nylon. That’s now a global standard for yarn that Brinton invented in the 60s. Prior to this, carpet would have been 100 per cent wool; the Nylon brings a bit of resilience to

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