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woven on a 2m loom so you can get a very high level of detail and design intricacy on the carpet; because they are then critically cut, the pattern match is absolutely superb and you can carry the pattern across a range of tiles. That tight control in our design, weave and cutting process is part of our edge over our rivals.

CI: Have you done any other high profile casinos? NH: Yes, a lot! Recently, we did six hotels and the

Above: Problem solved

casino for Resorts World Singapore which opened in January. The carpet install happened all in one go – it nearly killed our installer! In the corridors, we managed to do the impossible: we bent carpet around the corners. It’s a very bold, bright and beautiful design, and we’re all very proud of it.

CI: What problems have you encountered on the job? Case study

NH: On one job in Australia, the customer wanted the carpet to be illuminated by spotlights in the initial design. But they ran out of money for that, so

Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh, USA The Rivers Casino is a top entertainment

destination in Western Pennsylvania, with high-style architecture and polished interiors. Brintons was asked to supply an Axminster carpet that would complement the design and help create a stunning interior. Brintons’ Nicola Hewitt explains the job…

What was the client brief?

Cleo Design – the appointed interior design company on the project – specified a contemporary carpet design with flowing ‘casino design’ for use in the new-build venue. The design team at Cleo were keen to use a design from Brintons’ celebrated Timorous Beasties ‘First Weave’ collection but also wanted to use other bespoke designs that would serve the complex pathways inside the venue.

What was the creative design approach? Due to the high volume of guests a casino must accommodate, Brintons set about

we wove the white the light would have produced directly into the carpet pattern, creating the lighting effect with the carpet design. We manufactured the impression of light (pictured left).

CI: What’s Brintons’ edge over your rivals?

NH: We’re a premium company, we’re certainly not the cheapest on the market – as a family-owned, UK-based company, we have to do what we do better than anybody else. One of the key attributes we have, that we promote, is our design ability. We create totally different designs for every customer, we can design anything. We have 80 designers around the world and when Alan goes to visit a customer, he takes a Field Designer with him. We then produce samples of what the carpet will look like for the customer, and we match them to the finished product so the customer gets exactly what they have signed off.

developing a very complex pattern of colour and images to help disguise the wear and tear that this type of pedestrian traffic can bring. As the casino is positioned next to the river in downtown Pittsburgh, Brintons decided to honour the mystical ‘rivers’ theme of the area through its main carpet design.

Did the client have any special

circumstances or requirements? Given the contemporary flavour of the

venue, Cleo Design wanted to create an elegant space that would be durable and fit for purpose in a busy casino environment.

Describe the solution that was

delivered… The Brintons design team developed a

flowing contemporary pattern with great movement and energy for use in the main gaming area within the casino. This design uses bold tones of amber, red and gold to give warmth to the interior space. The pattern helps to enhance the irregular shape of the casino floor through its abstract and organic nature. Brintons also chose to integrate separate

pathway patterns carpet so that the areas of the carpet that would be subjected to the highest traffic could be replaced effortlessly without disruption to the placement of the casino gaming machines. The ‘Bristol Daisy’ design from the Timorous Beasties collection was used in the Buffet and Center Bar areas, along with a multi-directional pathway and border design to meet the requirements of the complex pathways.


What services did Brintons provide during the project?

Brintons provided Cleo Design with its

market-leading field design support, local sales and project management service, design prints, full-scale prints, flooded diagrams, strike offs and seaming diagrams to ensure the project was delivered on time and within budget.

What was the customer reaction?

Ken Kulas, a partner at Cleo Design, said: “The final result at the Rivers casino is elegant, dramatic, energetic and comfortable. The infusion of the carpet colour into a fairly neutral décor makes the original design concept come to life. The seaming diagrams Brintons produced were invaluable to the purchasing agents as well as the installation crew. The development of these diagrams as well as the hand trial strike offs made the success of the overall project very easy to achieve.”

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