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INSTALLATIONS Interblock installs… everywhere! O

ne of the world’s most challenging construction projects and to date the most expensive stand-alone integrated resort property in the world has successfully installed

Interblock’s Organic Roulette. At the end of April 2010 Organic Roulette in a special light brown wood design with eight player stations was installed for the Grand opening of Marina Bay Sands Resort at Bayfront Avenue, Marina South in central Singapore.

Mr Michael Hu, Regional Sales Manager at

Interblock Asia Pacific commented: “The newly developed Interblock Generation 4 Organic Roulette has been installed right in the middle of the gaming floor and has attracted and impressed so many slot professionals in the region. The number 8 sounds like prosperity when translated into Chinese. As expected, since opening, the Interblock Organic Roulette, has performed extremely well.”

Also in Asia, June saw the electromechanical

roulette, Megastar 08 successfully installed at the Club 21, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The Roulette with eight play stations is one of the third generation of products and it is known for its reliability and robust but elegant design. Megastar 8 player station is Interblock’s most

successful product on the market. The Megastar is supported by in-house produced high-tech electronics and software. The carousel structure of the machine often becomes a focal point on the casino floor, adding something new and fresh to the casino floor mix. Mr. Michael Hu, Regional Sales Manager,

Interblock Asia Pacific, said: “Club 21 did try a croupier style roulette which was semi automated but they eventually went back to Interblock simply because Interblock is present everywhere in Vietnam and enjoys overwhelming popularity amongst players, so it is fair to say, it is one of the “must have” games in clubs to meet the tastes of regular visitors. Nevertheless the Vietnam market is generally price sensitive.”

Elsewhere, Elektroncek’s new Euroblock Star (EBS) electromechanical Roulette has been installed in Supreme Ventures newest Gaming Lounge called The Acropolis Gaming & Entertainment Centre, slated to be opened soon in Portmore, St. Catherine in Jamaica. The Euroblock Star Roulette is a brand

design developed by Elektroncek d.d. and is the second generation of roulettes with many innovations built-in.

46 SEPTEMBER 2010 In the US, Interblock’s Megastar 8, the

electromechanical roulette for eight players, was installed at Rosebud Casino. “We are very happy with the game, it is busy

every night,” said John Two Strike, Slot manager at Rosebud Casino. The casino is located just north of Valentine, Nebraska on the South Dakota/Nebraska Highway 83 Border.

Pala Casino Spa & Resort, in Southern California, is also enjoying an Interblock installation, with the Twinstar 10 Roulette. TwinStar is a pair of 5-station Megastar units

back to back with 55” LED displays featuring a live camera feed of the game and the extensive game history that the ‘Player Information Display’ (PID) offers to players. Brad Martin, Business Development Manager, commented: “Pala is a market leader in their region and has for years led the way with its range of Roulette and slot offerings. We’re proud to be a part of their operation. By offering the Megastar with such a purposeful, unique and attractive display, we’re confident Pala’s players will have a rapid acceptance of the games.” The Player Information Display contains

detailed statistical information including the previous 42 game results, frequency of each number over the last 500 games, and percentages on red/black, odd/even, columns, streets and more.

In yet more success for the company, Europe

saw Organic G4 products installed in Belgium, at the Magic Dice Arcade of Grobbendonk City. The Organic Twins Roulette with 12 play stations has received a very positive response. Organic Twins is a multi-game, multi- denomination, multi-player platform. The casino can select between any combination of available games: Roulette (Single Zero or Double Zero), Dice (Craps or Sic Bo), and Video games. The Multigame enabled twins gaming machine offers two mechanical random generators, any desired number of video game units and a player information display all in one single gaming machine.

Nextdoor in The Netherlands, the

electromechanical roulette Megastar 10 was successfully installed at the Five Stars Casino in Oosterhout, the Netherlands. The Roulette with eight play stations is one of the G3 generation of products. Mr. Klemen Sitar, Regional Sales Manager, commented: “We have installed a completely custom-made machine. For the project we used our basic MTGM product Megastar 10 which is

Finally, Slovenia’s Kongo Hotel & Casino in

Grosuplje now has three of Elektroncek’s Player Information Displays; PIDs were successfully installed in March this year. PID is an optional component for Interblock gaming machines and is one of the G3 and G4 range of products. It provides an upgrade that adds interest to the game and enhances the product thereby leading to improved returns to the venue. The products are fully certified at SIQ. At Kongo Hotel & Casino three products were installed: • PID Star • PID Standalone Double Sided • PID Single connected with the existing

monitors in the casino. “PID” sits above the centre unit, offering the

player a thorough overview of statistical information about the last 200 games played on the machine. During the game the PID displays information such as live video of the centre unit, Configurable display of the table name (the minimum and the maximum table bets) and Detailed statistics of the game results.

our highest selling product in the Dutch market.” “At the client’s request we added two semi-

circular batteries of six play stations. Players can now play in a separate smoking area on 6 individual terminals.”

Megastar roulette

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