This page contains a Flash digital edition of a book.

Whether you are a first responder, firefighter, police officer, technician, industrial response team member, or any other emergency responder, you have to be “street smart” to survive. This book presents a common-sense approach to handling natural gas emergencies and is the application of response principles learned and developed from countless case histories. Responding to Natural Gas Emergencies delivers practical, experienced-based training with which the responder can successfully handle utility emergencies. This virtual interactive digital book utilizes Flash turn page technologies with video asset links and hyperlinks to important websites and documents.

After 30 years of teaching emergency response, Mike Callan has put together some of the

most useful concepts, tactics and teaching exercises found in the United States.The target audience is emergency responders—firefighters, police officers, emergency medical and industry personnel—as well as incident commanders and emergency response supervisors.

Chapters include: 1. Introduction 2. Understanding Utility Natural Gas 3. Utility Transmission and Distribution System 4. Responding to Natural Gas Emergencies 5.

6. Natural Gas Emergency Safety Checklist 7. Glossary


This book may be used on an individualized self-study basis or as part of a formal training program offered in a fire or police department, industrial plant, or at emergency services train- ing academies. There are several features of this book you should be familiar with:

Objectives: At the beginning of each chapter you will find a list of educational objectives that will be covered in the book. They will help you focus your studies on the most impor- tant information in the book. After you have completed the reading assignment, you should have a working knowledge of each chapter objective.

The digital text is designed to assist the student by providing

• Street Smart Tips: Tips placed throughout the text in a blue screened boxed format. These tips or observations have been learned on the street over the years. They cut through all the superfluous information and get down to the nitty gritty in order to simplify an issue.

• Addition of hyperlinks, multimedia interactive content • Quick load and power zoom • Fully searchable text and easy navigation • Ability to download and print entire publication or selected pages as a PDF file.


Appendix: RP 1162—Pipeline Awareness for Emergency Response Cummunity

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