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Rotary Bellows

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FIGURE 3.23 Customer service meter shutoffs. V3.1 Service Meter Shut Offs

All meters have a shutoff located on the supply side of the meter to control the flow of gas into the building. In some cases there is a similar valve on the customer side of the meter for temporarily shutting the flow for inside repair work. The most recognizable valve is the standard quarter- turn knob. The indicating knob, sometimes referred to as an "ear,” is in-line for open and crosswise for closed. Other shutoffs may be color-coded for identification or may be a “square”. Some can even have devices or “stops” to prevent turning the knob more than 90 degrees. Responders should check with the local utility to see what types are in place in their response area.

Locating the Shutoff Valve

Knowing the location of the gas service shutoff valve will help you turn off the gas supply to the entire facility quickly in case of an emergency. It can vary depending on the type of building or when it was installed. The gas meter and gas service shutoff valve are usually located on the outside of the building. In some cases, the gas meter can be located in a cabinet enclosure built into the building or located inside the building. In these cases, the gas service shutoff valve can be located outside on a section of gas service pipe next to the building, or near the gas meter.

If there are multiple meters serving gas to multiple units within a building, there are individual gas service shutoff valves for each unit near each of the


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