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Production company Talkback Thames

Migrating Channel 4’s flagship series Grand Designsto file-based production with PDW-700s and PMW-EX3 camcorders has enabled consistent HD quality and flexibility on a production where on some days fully-trained camera operators use the PDW-700, while on others producer/directors and APs are required to shoot important on- site scenes with the PMW-EX3. See page 26 (XDCAM case studies)


Camera used PMW-EX3 Production company Halcyon Media Wildlife cameraman Charlie Hamilton James and director Richard Taylor-Jones used the PMW-EX3 on Halcyon River Diaries, the BBC1 series about wildlife on an ordinary west country river. See page 11 (The Producer Gallery)

HOW TO RE-ESTABLISH A VODKA EMPIRE Camera used HVR-Z1E Production company Optimistic Productions, Dartmouth Films This vivid re-creation of filmmaker Dan Edelstyn’s grandmother’s diaries tells the ambitious story of her escape from Russia during the 1917 Revolution, as well as combining a quest to discover his lost Jewish identity and Edelstyn’s bid to save his great grandfather’s Vodka business. The co-production, to be screened in More 4’s T

combines documentary footage with drama reconstruction, and relied heavily on the versatility of the Z1E. See page 29 (Entry level HD)

INSIDE NATURE’S GIANTS Cameras used HDW-790P, HDW-750P Production company Windfall Films

Camera used PDW-700, PMW-EX1, HVR-A1E Production company Red Earth Studio This undercover documentary about the work of the Environmental Investigation Agency’s campaign against the illegal hunting of tigers shot interviews with campaigners in India and Nepal on the Sony PDW-700. Sequences involving covert filming in Tibet and China were acquired on the PMW-EX1 and HVR- A1E – Sony’s smallest, lightest professional HDV camcorder.

ITV REGIONAL NEWS Cameras used HVR-Z5E, HVR-Z7E Production company ITV News ITV News’ decision to buy around 100 HVR-Z5E and HVR-Z7E HD camcorders last year for its regional news teams has proved to be a big hit, enabling reporters to work with laptops and send in video reports over 3G networks or wireless internet, freeing them up to spend more time in the field. See page 28 (Entry level HD)

rue Storiesstrand,

KARATE KIDS Camera used PDW-700 Camera supplied by Procam Production company Walsh Bros The CBBC show, which followed children with severe disabilities learning martial arts to help improve their range of movement, was shot on a PDW-700. See page 12 (The Producer Gallery)

POLAR GIRLS Camera used PMW-EX1R The PMW-EX1R proved its toughness and durability on this four week expedition to Antarctica, shot by cameraman Robert Hollingworth. For Hollingworth, the PMW-EX1R’s combination of size, weight, image quality and filed-based operation made it the ideal camera for the job. See page 25 (XDCAM case studies)


Shot on a combination of the HDW- 790P and HDW-750P at 25p onto HDCAM tape, these two shoulder- mounted Sony models formed the backbone of the show’s production, offering top HD quality whilst being light enough to be handled by camera operators for long periods. See page 21 (HDCAM case studies)



Production company London Underground film unit The need for a bigger, more versatile shoulder-mountable camera capable of taking high quality documentary fly-on- the-wall footage in low light conditions for professional use was what led Assan Saine at the London Underground corporate films unit to shoot on the PMW-350K. See page 24 (XDCAM case studies)

of the life of a modern, inner-city vicar, was shot on HDCAM using an HDW- F900R by DoP David Marsh See page 10 (The Producer Gallery)

SHERLOCK Camera used F35 Production company Hartswood Films

Co-created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, this remake of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic, stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. For DoP Steve Lawes, the F35 was the best camera for the job because of its 35mm sized CCD, ability to shoot in low light, plus top-quality 4:4:4 recording to HDCAM SR tape and the ability to use Prime lenses with the camera’s PL mount. Produced by Hartswood’s Sue Vertue, the 3x90-minute films are set to air on BBC1 in late summer.


Camera used HDW-F900R

Cameras used PMW-EX1, HDW-F900R

Production company Atlantic Productions The high quality, compact, lightweight PMW-EX1 was well suited to this two week shoot on the remote, inaccessible Norwegian island of Svalbard. All kit had to be flown in by helicopter and space was at a premium when capturing this archaeological dig to uncover an ancient marine fossil. See page 23 (XDCAM case studies)


Camera used HDW-F900R Camera supplied by Take Two

Production company Big Talk Productions BBC2’s new 6x30-minute comedy series Rev, billed as an authentic portrait

Production company Atlantic Productions Judged by Atlantic to be the camera offering the most suitable combination of qualities, the HDW-F900R combined CineAlta HD quality – capable of withstanding the transfer to IMAX – plus reliability in extreme conditions See page 20 (HDCAM case studies)

WORLD CUP SUN, SEA AND A&E Camera used PMW-EX3 Camera supplied by Shift 4

Production company October Films

Hire company Shift 4 supplied six PMW- EX3 camera kits for a fast turnaround World Cup spin-off of its ob doc series Sun, Sea & A&E– a light-hearted take on the medical emergencies that British fans get into in South Africa for Bravo. See page 11 (The Producer Gallery)

Summer 2010 theproducer 15

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