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The Eagle: Thanks to Raw Energy, it has never they are not cooked in any way, and, with
America’s Tall Ship been easier to add a full spectrum of the exception of honey, they do not use
DVD is a never- raw ingredients to a healthful lifestyle. animal products.
before-seen look at Author Stephanie Tourles’s 125 recipes They do include raw nuts and
one of the most unique for trail mixes, parfaits, energy seeds, nut butters, dried and
US Coast Guard bars, juice blends, smoothies, fresh fruits, oats, carob, cocoa,
training exercises at soups, vegetable chips, zippy freshly extracted juices, and
sea. Christened in the dips, candies, and cookies vegetables. They taste great
German Navy and combine raw ingredients and are easy to digest. Tourles
seized as a war prize in delicious snacks that are provides a complete overview
during World War II, chock-full of nutrients and of the benefits of raw foods,
the Eagle today trains over 600 new officer long-term energy boosters. along with an introduction to
cadets every year. With a call to “Sail Made from real, whole "uncooking" techniques and
Stations,” the action begins - trainees foods that are uncooked, an ingredient-by-ingredient
must learn to climb rigging that takes unadulterated, and unprocessed, these food guide. For anyone looking for
them 130 feet above the water, unfurl sails snacks are 150- to 250-calorie packages of more nutritional punch from low-calorie
while they battle turbulence and heavy health and vitality, dense with naturally snacks, Raw Energy provides 125 tasty
seas, and go through other rigorous occurring vitamins, minerals, fiber, and starting points.
drills like flood control, safety, man enzymes. The snacks in Raw Energy do Raw Energy, published by Storey
overboard, firefighting, damage control, not rely on refined white flour or sugar, Publishing,, $16.
first aid, navigation, line handling and
more. Also, meet the exceptional breed
of men and women who call the Eagle What if you could finally do what However, luck and skill prevail and they
home - hear their stories in their own you always thought would be virtually make it through relatively unscathed,
words, their lives, their loves, and what impossible? Excitement, only to face many further
it takes to be a seafarer. anticipation, and a touch of trials and tribulations at sea.
The Eagle: America’s Tall Ship, apprehension surround Kay Sometimes exhilarating, other
Lighthouse Productions, (818) 347-7838 and Fred Koudele as they begin times horrifying; one factor
or (818) 674-0112, DVD 80 minutes. their four-year voyage on their remains constant-they can
37-foot sailboat, Amazing Grace. always expect the unexpected.
A plan 17 years in the making, With each new adventure,
Many books have been written about Kay and Fred are thrilled to they also learn more about
safety at sea, collision avoidance, and finally have realized their long- themselves and each other than
safe boating, but how many of them can time dream of international they ever thought possible.
tell you how to avoid sea-monsters? In cruising. Prepared to face A Dream Sets Sail, Part I,
this little reference book, The Devil and every challenge jointly, they are The Awesome Adventures
The Deep, A Guide to Nautial Myths soon put to the test by Mother Nature, of Amazing Grace by Kay Koudele,
& Supertitions, Chris Hillier takes a when they nearly lose control with published by Mill City Press,
lighthearted look at over a hundred their first taste of harsh sea weather., $14.
myths and superstitions surrounding
life afloat, providing fascinating details
on the origin and Red Star on the Sail, by Douglas
nuclear submarine. Outbound with
history of each. E. Templin, is a riveting pair of stories
orders of ominous potential, America's
Entries include cleverly spun together by the author;
CIA intervenes, throwing chaos at
sightings of the packed with page-turning romance,
the commander, his wife and trusted
Flying Dutchman, thrills, spine-tingling adventure
executive officer. Become part
the “albatross” and espionage.
of the characters' lives as
responsible for the Follow the path of a young
they develop concurrently on
Titanic disaster, California couple in search of
opposite sides of the globe and
and many more. the sailboat of their dreams,
take similar turns-while plotting
Dozens of cartoons and feel the problems arising
and planning futures-laden
by illustrator Owen in their marriage as plans to
with inevitable yet unexpected
Hill complement cruise the South Pacific become
obstacles. What might occur,
the text and guarantee a good laugh. complicated and confused.
should their courses converge
The Devil and The Deep, A Guide to Shiver in the midst of a
on the high seas?
Nautial Myths & Supertitions by Chris bitter winter with an unruly
Red Star on the Sail,
Hillier, Sheridan House publishing, Russian admiral, given command of
published by Author House, www., $10.
. his country's newest and most lethal, $36.
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