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work, and it’s much, much faster as it’s just
done with a hand-held barcode scanner.
CI: It’s a good combination of
technologies, with the second port on the
bill validator, the two products talking to
each other on many levels to improve life
for the customer…
MHM: They’ve made a great validator, so
we thought why not go for it with them. We
saw some potential in the One, so we agreed
to the partnership and we took it from
CI: Is the OneCheck going to be a big
focus for you going forward?
MHM: Yes, very much so for the
foreseeable future. We’re pushing it as well
as the Paycheck 4 right now, though the
Paycheck 4 is part of OneCheck obviously.
CI: Where are your main markets
MHM: We’re the number one printer in
Australia, we’ve been working a lot in Italy
lately too. We’re also strong in North Carolina,
CI: Nanoptix has been working with Crane Alabama, and Latin America and Miami.
Payment Solutions and their CashCode brand…
It’s one of the best marriages of technology we’ve
seen. “It adds security, it’s less
MHM: They have a good product and we have a
work, and it’s much, much
good product; we put them together, to make the
OneCheck [as it’s a combination of CashCode One
faster as it’s just done with a
validator and the Paycheck].
hand-held barcode scanner.”
We’ve helped each other out as much as we can,
and sometimes we go to trade shows and share a
booth with them. We want to push the OneCheck
because it’s a great product. It’s particularly good for CI: Is there any reason you’re number one in
dispute resolution. A player might say they put $20 Australia?
in the machine, but only got five dollars of credit, the MHM: We just put a lot of effort into the market.
OneCheck has a little lever under it which the staff We have a sales team working with our clients over
can push once and it gives a readout of the last five there, it’s a team effort; we saw the opportunity and
bills or tickets that went in. Again this saves time, as jumped on it.
for customer disputes you don’t have to take the cash
box out and check. It’s a push of a lever, so it saves CI: How long has Nanoptix been around? How
time and money. is the company set up to work overseas – do you
use regional partners, for example?
“We want to push the
MHM: We started up in 1996. We’re doing well for
a relatively young company; we posted double-digit
OneCheck because it’s a
growth in a really challenging economy.
great product. It’s
We have reps in various countries, building
relationships with customers. We’re very present in
particularly good for dispute
the countries we sell in. Customer service, as I said, is
how we built the company.
Other than our relationship with CashCode, we
don’t generally work with partners, as such.
Other features the technology brings includes a
2D barcode which the printer generates for the
accounting system. This goes into the drop for the
cash box, and is scanned by the counting team and it You can view Nanoptix products at IGE stand
goes straight into the system. It adds security, it’s less 3420 or online at:
48 FEBRUARY 2010
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