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Atronic combines innovation
with proven solutions at IGE
Stand number 3015 is the place to find out more…
ooth 3015 at IGE will feature top performers in many jurisdictions as well as
Atronic’s blend of exciting linked the Classic Series; all-time player-favorite titles
gaming concepts, player-tested that can now be enjoyed on the e
cabinets, an impressive line-up of ATRONIC has added a fourth title to its
new core games with innovative successful new multi-bonus progressive link, systems solutions, including, the
features as well as the launch of new signature STARGATE SG-1, which is based on the new evolution of casino floor systems,
products and systems solutions. popular film and TV series. Each STARGATE maximising revenues and streamlining casino
Come and play the latest addition to SG-1 title offers five distinct bonuses and four operations. The latest Player Service added on
ATRONIC’s Community Bonus Series. Based progressive levels. TEAL’C is a new 5-reel game the online platform is myBar,
on the popular television game show, DEAL OR where players activate the STARGATE bonus by allowing players to order their drinks directly
NO DEAL JOIN’N PLAY will challenge players wagering max lines plus a Bonus Bet. Already from the EGM and paying with their loyalty
to compete for the best deal. Players must installed in numerous locations throughout points. myBar increases convenience of
collect briefcases to qualify for random bonus Europe, Africa, and Latin America, STARGATE ordering and reduces time of uninterrupted
rounds. They select and swap briefcases with SG-1 has proven an immediate top performer, game play, ensuring not only an increase of
their fellow players to find out who among generating excitement with players and F&B revenues but also of gaming revenues and
them made the best deal. Five integrated operators alike. customer loyalty.
vertical 46-inch LCDs re-create the excitement With the most comprehensive suit of
of a TV studio. ATRONIC’s eMILLIONS Wide-Area bonusing features and player rewards in the
IGE will also see the global launch of Progressive (WAP) system is providing players industry, Star|BONUS FEVER adapts to
diversity, ATRONIC’s first Multigame product across Europe with the chance of a lifetime to customers’ specific needs. With Star|BONUS
and a strong addition to its product portfolio. become millionaires. Launched in September as FEVER, ATRONIC’s Systems Division has
diversity features brand-new as well as top “MEGA MILLION JACKPOT” across all 12 created a flexible solution that boosts retention
ranking ATRONIC games and unique game Casinos Austria operations, the exiting WAP rates and profit-per customer by exciting
suites, allowing players to select their preferred has already made three happy players players with incentives and improved
game types and volatility. Also launched at IGE millionaires. ATRONIC’s eMILLIONS is communication. Star|BONUS FEVER is
will be Master ROULETTE, bringing back extremely flexible and can be customized to the designed to create the right experience at the
ATRONIC’s smashing 90’s hit product! Available specific requirements of any gaming operation. right time, in the right way and for the right
as single and double zero version, Master Los TRES CHIFLADOS, the Spanish- cost!
ROULETTE offers the most comfortable language version of The THREE Also at IGE, ATRONIC’s System Division will
and flexible bet handling, as well as STOOGES, incorporates the present ecash, an innovative cash redemption
standard mode for casual players slapstick hi-jinks of Larry, terminal (CRT) which is compatible with
as well as expert mode with Curly and Moe and ATRONIC’s qpon cash system and other major
race track layout, neighbour & transports players back in ticketing systems. The ecash CRT, which
French bets and detailed time with a variety of features the smallest footprint on the market
statistics. black-and-white THREE will also be made compatible with ATRONIC’s
Reinforcing its content STOOGES video clips. chip cash smart card solution in the near
leadership, ATRONIC Three levels of future.
presents dozens of new core progressives are tied to The ATRONIC ecash terminal is a fully
games available in a variety each Chiflado (Stooge) automated ticket redemption solution
of dual screen cabinets. and simultaneous, incorporating the unique industry-first feature
These games offer one-of-a- multi-tiered bonus of accepting bar-coded tickets in all 4
kind and innovative rounds add to the fun. orientations, offering premier quality at a
features such as “WILD competitive price.
STAYS UNTIL IT PAYS”, On the systems side, Rounding up its comprehensive product
“WILD BANK” and more. ATRONIC portfolio, ATRONIC’s Systems Division will
ATRONIC is also professionals will be unveil a unique offline, entry-level systems
highlighting a number of on hand to present solution at IGE 2010.
core games that have the entire range of Be sure to witness ATRONIC’s innovations
passed extensive market ATRONIC’s and proven solutions at booth # 3015 in
validation tests and are comprehensive London.
42 JANUARY 2010
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