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into affairs that affect the supply side. My job was to members. This would, from just a paperwork
breathe new life into AGEM, get new members, bring standpoint, be a nightmare for our members. Bally
new topics to the table, and frankly to make the has 200-300 employees in India that are helping
organisation properly, truly global. Our members sell create machines – every one of those people would
internationally, so we’ve accomplished that. Of our 52 have to go through this scrutiny if this goes through.
new members, around 20 are headquartered outside So we’re fighting the fight, and we’re making some
North America. progress. It’s not a headline grabber, but it’s very
It’s going great, my five-year plan is on track! important to our members.
If an IGT or a Bally tried to tackle these issues on
CI: What kind of things do you actually do? their own, there is the potential for them to get
Give us some examples… singled out and the company would not want that
MP: I still get asked what the organisation does, kind of scrutiny. This spreads it to all the different
what do we do to earn our keep. We do a lot of things companies, speaking with a common voice.
that are behind the scenes, it’s not intentional, it just We try to get involved in expansion opportunities
seems to work that way. A very good example of this is where reasonable, responsible expansion, which is
that right now, there’s an issue with the Nevada good for our members – more commerce, more
Gaming Control Board, where they’re looking at machines, more ticket printers. We gave $100,000 to
having anybody who touches any type of code on a support a group in Maryland that was trying to get
slot machine go through what they call registration – gaming passed November 2008; it succeeded so
we call it licensing – but this includes the artist that Maryland is now a growth opportunity. We gave money
creates a logo for a game, the flames on a Hot Shot to a group in Texas; that didn’t pan out in the passed
legislative cycle, it may open up two years down the
“We do a lot of things that
road. Illinois just passed the video gaming act, where
upwards of 40,000 new machines will be arriving in
are behind the scenes, it’s Illinois. We’re taking chances with our money to see if
not intentional, it just seems
we can get the gaming market expanded. We’re pretty
to work that way.”
active, more so than I thought it would be when I
signed on. But with this many members, when you
start taking on new members, it gets pretty busy.
Progressive who might be an outside developer. It’s
excessive. Everyone that required licensing would CI: What does the future hold for AGEM?
have to pay some kind of fee; I’m certainly not MP: We are trying to reach out and tackle more
suggesting the Control Board is making a money issues internationally. Our members are our eyes and
grab, I’m saying that we’re okay with anybody who ears in Europe, they highlight the problems we need
touches code related to wins and losses requiring to be dealing with. Whatever the case is, we need to
some kind of licensing. It’s an integrity issue, and know about it. My mission is just to continue to
we’re all okay with that. You need those people to tackle issues that come up no matter where they are,
have to go through some level of scrutiny to be able and be a common voice for all suppliers. Some
to do that’ but animators and artists do not need to sceptics say ‘you’re too US-centric’, but it’s my job to
go through that. We’re expending a great deal of break down the sceptics, and say ‘Listen, you have to
energy on this, because if would affect anybody who bring issues to the table and if they’re relevant to our
is licensed to sell in Nevada. That’s a lot of our members, we’re going to go after them.’
The current AGEM membership roster, 84 strong, is a who’s who of Gaming, MCA Processing, Modern Gaming, Rocket Gaming Systems
the supplier segment of the global gaming industry: and Summit Gaming.
AGEM Gold Members: Aristocrat Technologies, Aruze Gaming AGEM Associate Members: Casino Enterprise Management,
America, Austrian Gaming Industries, Bally Technologies, Ceronix, CMYK Creative, Cole Kepro International, Cybertec Gaming
GTECH/Atronic/Spielo, International Game Technology (IGT), Intralot Systems, DynaGraphic Printing, Elite Casino Products, Esterline
S.A., Konami Gaming and WMS Gaming. Advanced Input Systems, FutureLogic, Gaming Partners International,
Gary Platt Manufacturing, Global Cash Access, Global Gaming Group
AGEM Silver Members: AC Coin & Slot, Action Gaming, Casino (G3), Grand Products, Heber Ltd., Howard & Howard, IdeaWork
Technology, Interblock USA, JCM Global, MEI, Multimedia Games, Studios, IDX, Intel, IPS, James Industries, Kreller Group, KSK, Lewis &
Octavian International, Shuffle Master, Suzo-Happ Group, Roca, Masterpiece Advertising, MC2, Money Controls, Nanoptix,
TCSJohnHuxley and Wells-Gardner Electronics. Paokai Electronic Enterprise Co., Proforma GPS, Regulatory
Management Counselors, Sanmina-SCI, SCA Gaming, Strategy9, Talent
AGEM Bronze Members: Ainsworth Game Technology, Astro Corp., Associates, Tgraphics/Outpost Productions, The Bright Group, 3M
Cadillac Jack, Cammegh Limited, CashCode / Crane Payment Touch Systems, Tournament One, TMX, Trade Show Fabrications,
Solutions, Diamond Game, Digital Display Group, Euro Games TransAct Technologies, Veridocs, Wrex Products and Young Electric
Technology (EGT), GameTech International, Gaming Support, Sign Company (YESCO).
Incredible Technologies, Jumbo Technology, KGM Gaming, Lightning
26 JANUARY 2010
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