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ASA Members Now Have Access to
Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
he ASA and Wiley-Interscience are excited to solutions using innovative data-mining algorithms
announce that ASA members now have a new and/or novel statistical approaches, and the objective
benefit of membershipf— ree online access to evaluation of analyses and solutions. Of special inter-
Statistical Analysis and Data Mining (SAM). est are articles that describe analytical techniques and
SAM addresses the broad area of data analy- discuss their application to real problems in such a
sis, including data mining algorithms, statistical way that they are accessible to domain experts across
approaches, and practical applications. Topics include science, engineering, and commerce.
problems involving massive and complex data sets, The 21st century has become a century of data,
with most domains striving to use general models
for their mountains of information. Data mining
AAPOR Objects to
and statistical analysis are among the most effective
ways to produce useful models from massive, com-
plex data sets. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
Nondisclosure About
is a resource for those solving practical problems,
enabling them to benefit from ideas developed in
other domains. It is an international journal with
Published Polls
an interdisciplinary focus, covering areas that are
becoming increasingly important.
AAPOR considers the release of
he American Association
How to Access SAM
for Public Opinion
this information for public polls
If you are a new Wiley InterScience user, you will
Research (AAPOR)
to be a minimum requirement
need to register by doing the following:
Executive Council recently found
for professional behavior among
that the refusal by Atlanta-based
those who conduct public opin-
Go to and click “regis-
Strategic Vision LLC to provide
ion research, regardless of whether
ter” in the upper right corner of the screen.
sufficient information about the
they are AAPOR members.
Complete the New User Registration Page and
methodology used in its surveys
Stephen J. Blumberg, chair of
click “submit registration.”
was “inconsistent with AAPOR’s
AAPOR’s Standards Committee,
Code of Professional Ethics and
noted that the complaint and
You will receive an email requiring you to click on
Practices (see
AAPOR’s subsequent investi-
a link and validate the information you provided
AAPOR_Code.htm) and contrary
gation of Strategic Vision LLC
during your registration. Do this within 24 hours
to avoid having to re-register.
to basic principles of scientific
focused solely on the issue of dis-
research.” The inquiry was related
closure. “In no way did the investi- If you are already a Wiley InterScience user or this is
to AAPOR’s evaluation of the
gation address the quality of work your first time accessing SAM, follow these steps:
methodological factors in the 2008
by Strategic Vision, the accuracy
– Go to the User Affiliation Page at
pre-election polls, particularly those
of the polls, or the integrity of
conducted prior to the New
the company,” Blumberg said.
Hampshire Democratic primary.
“AAPOR’s singular goal when
– Enter membership number “none” (none
According to AAPOR, Strategic
enforcing its code is to maintain
must be keyed into this field) and registration
key “MBR63288.”
Vision was the only of 21 firms
the public’s confidence in public
contacted that failed to release
opinion research. Confidence is
– Enter the login (your email address) and
essential facts about the polls it pub-
strengthened when researchers
lished prior to the 2008 presidential
disclose aspects of their work that
– Click “submit”
primaries in New Hampshire and
may have a direct bearing on the
Wisconsin. Due to Strategic Vision’s
data produced and the interpreta-
You will automatically be directed to the Wiley
failure to respond over a period of
tion of the results.”
InterScience home page. From there, search or
more than one year, a complaint
The report on AAPOR’s offi-
browse to find the content you need.
was filed against the company, alleg-
cial evaluation of the pre-election
When you return to Wiley InterScience after
ing it was in violation of AAPOR’s
polls prior to the 2008 presiden-
completing the steps above, you will only need to
code. After being informed of the
tial primaries is available at http://
log in at with
complaint, Strategic Vision CEO
your email address and password to access SAM.
David Johnson offered partial infor-
FINAL-Rev-4-13-09.pdf. n
Questions can be directed to Wiley’s Membership
mation, according to AAPOR.
Department at n
8 AmstAt News NOVEMBER 2009
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