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NiNatural & Organic
Questions of ethics answered at retail
With more information at their disposal than ever before, today’s production and trade on the
parents are very aware of the case FOR natural and organic products environment and on the people behind
and are more than happy to vote with their wallets. Nursery Industry the clothes we wear,” said the report.
investigates… Although these findings do not apply
Research has revealed that baby skin is a staggering 30% thinner solely to the nursery market, increasing
than adult skin, with a large proportion of what is applied to the skin consumer awareness about harmful
being absorbed. Worryingly, the majority of non-organic baby toiletries ingredients in a range of products will
contain potentially harmful parabens, synthetic fragrance and mineral continue to impact particularly
oils. Parents are right, therefore, to be asking questions about the positively on the sale of natural and
products available to them and as retailers, it is vital that you have a full organic baby goods. The Baby Show makes a point of telling visitors
understanding of how a product promoted as natural, organic or that if they buy organic baby clothes, they can be sure that particular
environmentally friendly is produced, to enable your customer to buy clothing items such as hats, mittens, booties, soft wraps and blankets,
with confidence. cardigans and baby-grows have all been made using organic cottons,
Parents are not just concerned about the amount of chemicals eliminating the possibility of harsh dyes and bleach rubbing against
present in their toiletry products, but in the clothing and bedding they baby's sensitive skin – a clear indication that they recognise the strength
use too. According to The Organic Skin Care Directory, conventional of consumer demand in this area.
cotton farming and its harmful effects are causing more concern than Organic products such as blankets, towels, mattresses and sheets can
ever before, prompting the consumer to search for alternatives. After now be found in many retailers, as parents extend buying organic
coffee, it says, cotton is the second most pesticide-saturated crop in the beyond just the food they eat. What's more, according to the
world. Irritations of the skin such as eczema, psoriasis and allergic Consumer Reports Guide to Baby Products, toys made from sustainable
rashes are occurring more and more nowadays, it believes because of sources, including renewable wood with water based finishes, natural
the invention of polyester and chemically treated fabrics. and organic-cotton plush toys, and toys coloured with vegetable dyes
Once perceived as frumpy and boring, latest research from Mintel instead of paint are among the latest toy trends.
has found that sales of ethical clothing have more than quadrupled in Natural, organic and environmental products make great gifts,
the last five years to reach £175 million in 2009 as British consumers showing consideration for baby's health and the world he or she is to
‘step out in style with a clear conscience’. “The market for ethical grow up in. Retailers would benefit from purchasing an organic range
clothing is going from strength to strength, as consumers continue to from informative manufacturers to inspire trust in shop and product,
seek out clothing that takes into consideration the impact of promoting green principles as the way forward.
Sleep Soundly
Earth Friendly Baby
Naturalmat is the market leading brand in natural fibre and organic mattresses
and organic bed linen. From crib through to single bed sizes, as well as a made
Organic, Natural and Environmental Products
to measure service, there is increasing demand for natural fibre mattresses and
organic bed linen across the industry. Incredible support, breathability and How can you resist? Try this best-selling mild and gentle natural babycare
ventilation through the finest natural and organic raw materials. Hypo-
range – everything you need including our degradable eco nappy sacks,
allergenic and anti dustmite, with no chemicals. All our mattresses conform to
bodywashes, bubblebaths, body lotions, creams and biodegradable wipes.
all the British fire and safety standards (BS EN597, BS 7177, BS 1877) without
The range has won several prestigious awards, has a loyal following amongst
any fire retardant chemicals or additives, and with SKAL organic certification
mums, looks so cute on your shelf and offers great value for money. Fresh &
for all coir and Soil Association certified lambswool. The most comprehensive
Wild (WholeFoods UK) say “Earth Friendly Baby is our most popular baby
range of superbly soft organic bed linen at incredibly competitive prices.
Manufactured in Devon with above average margins for the Nursery market.
toiletry range, its affordability and efficacy bring our customers back time
There is a low minimum order requirement and excellent margins. A
and time again”. Leading the trend towards more natural/eco products -
recognised brand with good marketing support including point of sale material
make this your best-selling baby toiletry range!
and samples.
Tel: 01392 877247
Tel: 020 8952 2020



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