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Dive In
coVEr ProPosAls ProFEssIoNAl
cover for Instructors and diveguides
health cover (when travelling abroad) desired cover
Inpatient treatment 100% at least up to 1.000.000 €
outpatient treatment 100% at least up to 100.000 €
Medicines and bandages 100% at least up to 25.000 €
Pain-killing dental treatment 100% at least up to 15.000 €
Transport to the nearest hospital 100% at least up to 100.000 €
home transport 100% at least up to 150.000 €
hometransport (mortal remains) or burial costs up to 10.000 €
Emergency covers – dive accident
search, rescue and recovery up to 15.000 €
decompression chamber treatment 100% at least up to 150.000 €
24 h helpline yes
special Assistance services (incl. dive and hyperbaric doctor services) yes
Extra hotel costs in case of ongoing outpatient treatment up to 4.000 €
loss of equipment during recovery up to 2.500 €
Accident covers – for all accidents 24/7 worldwide
At work, in spare time and including all kinds of diving
Accidential death minimum 50.000 €
higher death cover available on request
Permanent Accidential disability
option 1 up to 150.000 € lump sum payment
option 2 up to 00.000 € lump sum payment
option  up to 500.000 € lump sum payment
Improved disability standards yes
cover in case of overexertion yes
Toxication caused by gas, steam etc. yes
cover of typical diving injuries yes
cover in case of drowning, freeze to death, suffocation yes
disability caused by infections through animal and insect bites yes
Extra covers
cosmetic surgery and compensation for tooth injuries up to 5.000 €
Instant benefit in connection with serious injuries up to 10.000 €
liability and legal assistance dive accident ( sectorial cover)
liability persons minimum 1.500.000 €
liability things minimum 1.500.000 €
legal assistance minimum 15.000 €
Summary of cover proposal (professional)
‘We had to survey the market. This had never been done before, ‘What is better for the industry: the small guy against the big guys or
so it took a lot of work. From this we then had to develop a set of the Federation against the big guys?’
standards and minimum requirements of cover that would represent however, both deny that forcing the hand of insurers will increase the
the diving community’s interest, but also be realistic. It was vital we cost. krutzfeldt says it is likely that this move will have the opposite
found insurance companies that would offer such cover, otherwise it effect and force costs down.
would not work.’
‘If there is a standard set out by a recognised governing body within
There was little consistency found in what insurance companies the sport, underwriters are likely to see the cover as less of a risk,’
offered and the pricing, according to the researchers. he says. ‘currently there are only a few insurers around which have
expertise in the diving market.’
krutzfeldt, an insurance broker of 20 years who is also managing
director of Baltic Finance in scandinavia, says: ‘There’s different cover lyngby agrees the involvement of the EuF in creating a set of
everywhere at different prices. There are so many loopholes. The standards will increase understanding throughout the industry,
easiest way to remove loopholes is to help people understand their such as building a profile of an average diver. The greater the
insurance. The main problems are in the exclusions.’ understanding of the sport he says, the less it will be seen as a risk for
insurers to cover.
A major part of the researchers’ proposals is to stipulate that all
exclusions to the cover are written clearly at the beginning of the ‘I believe it will increase competition and prices will come down,’ he
policy. They wanted it to be made clear that anything that is not explains. ‘When you have a monopoly in such areas, service tends to
stipulated in the exclusions should then be covered by insurers. be lousy and price too high. I would welcome as much competition
as possible to encourage better pricing and better standards.’
‘The cornerstone is the understanding of what your cover offers,’
explains lyngby. ‘A big clean up is needed and we need the standard. Following a consultation period, the EuF standard for dive insurance
underwriters don’t know about diving. If we [EuF] believe as diving looks likely to be in place in 2010.
experts insurers should pay up, we should be telling them.
Issue  october / November 2009 49
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