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Destination Report: Dahab
The Red Sea
More than 1000 species of
A hippy-styled holiday accessed by crossing the stunning coral encrusted saddle at a depth
art by nature.. fish, 400 corals and 44
destination in the sinai of around 6m.
shark species...
Peninsula, dahab remains The canyon is accessed though a crack in the coral table. The site
a favourite haunt for takes its name from the long, narrow canyon, which runs north to
diving and windsurfing south from the reef to depths of around 50m.
The Red Sea is the most enthusiasts as well as For more current action and the chance to see more of the big
unique live show in the world,
those in search of a animals typically found in sites around sharm el sheikh, Gabr El Bint
right in front of your eyes.
mellow part of the world to relax. The former Bedouin fishing village can be reached by boat or camel.
offers an extremely laid back atmosphere in a beautiful setting of less talked about sites of dahab not-to-be missed include The
golden desert mountains and vibrant coral reefs. Islands, which is like entering a secret garden of colourful hard and
There are generally three types of diver who visit these waters. soft corals and macro life. other more secluded sites, which offer
Technical divers and freedivers come here for the depth and shelter surface intervals on the mellow and spacious beaches in the south,
of spectacular sites the Blue hole and the canyon, while the are Three Pools, Moray Gardens and umm sid.
remaining crowd are generally recreational divers seeking hassle- The variety of dive sites can usually be dived at any time of the day
free shore diving in calm waters. depending on wind conditions, so offer a freedom and flexibility for
The Blue hole and canyon are the signature dives of dahab. World- those looking to include more topside activities in their holiday.
famous, the Blue hole has seen many a mono-finned freediver There is a lot more on offer topside in dahab than most sinai
descending to record depths and tank-heavy techies venturing destinations with; perfect windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions;
through its deep coral arch to the open sea. The 50m-wide hole a thriving community of yoga teachers offering classes; many
offers little in the way of life in the shallow waters, so often acts as types of alternative health and wellbeing treatments; as well
an entry and exit point for recreational divers wishing to explore as desert excursions, rock climbing, camel safaris and a chance
the life-encrusted sloping reef outside. The classic dive to get the to experience real Bedouin culture. The main hub of activity is
most from the Blue hole starts at The Bells, 100m north of the hole, along the beachfront strip in the centre of the town, starting from
where you descend a small crack in the reef table. From here you Assalah. hotels range from 5-star luxury around the lagoon to basic
descend 18m down a long chimney, which ends at a small cavern backpacking lodgings. Accommodation is generally excellent value
that slopes out at around 28m to the blue. The life on the outside of for money and there are lots of fantastic restaurants and bars in
the Blue hole is stunning and often provides encounters with larger which to spend your evenings.
fish, such as barracuda. The dive ends inside the Blue hole, which is
Avoid Rogue Operators
Dive only with legal diving
operators on your next trip to
Egypt’s Red Sea
All CDWS member dive
operators have met ISO
standards EN 14467 / ISO
Sharm el Sheikh
24803 for diving to ensure your
Ain Sokhna diving safety.
El Gouna
For a full list of legal diving
Makadi Bay
operators in Egypt visit:
Soma Bay
El Quseir
Marsa Alam
ew Slater
Issue  october / November 2009 47
photo: Andr
Somewhere for every diver...
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