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Red Sea Life
hammerhead sharks will
congregate at such features in
great numbers during the day
before dispersing at night to hunt
squid in the depths.
constant supply of nutrient rich water, provide the basis for the entire certain species always school in areas of increased current; the
food chain above. At the top of this foodchain are the large pelagics current split on the east end of shark reef in ras Mohammed is
all divers love to see; the sharks and planktivorous manta rays and a perfect example and when the current is running this area will
whale sharks. They will seek out this area during the warmer months generally afford you the best chance of seeing something larger so,
to take advantage of this summer food bonanza. without holding onto the coral, it is often a good idea to hang out
Current affairs
here (or in similar areas) for as long as possible.
currents and tide are controlled by the movement of the moon and
In the know
always run strongest at the full and new moon phase of the lunar once in the correct general location and at the correct time of
month. Even in red sea, with it’s relatively low tidal range, the same year, the challenge of finding that exciting encounter has only just
applies. If you match your dive calendar with the lunar calendar, you begun. There is no substitute for local knowledge. having a good
will find your success greatly increased. guide from a credible dive operation with extensive experience and
Prevailing current is essential in dictating where and how to dive, but
understanding of his or her area is invaluable in ensuring you are
also plays a hugely important part in determining what you are likely
in the right place at the right time for that encounter of a lifetime.
to see on your dive. know your limits, but the stronger the current,
Being able to read the current comes from experience and an
the more you will see. strong current can concentrate marine life into
understanding of the fish you can see.
a small area, such as where a current hits a reef and splits or a corner
Human threat
of a reef where the flow of water is increased and is forced past the
outcrop of rock. The favourite hangout of schooling hammerheads
With the constantly increasing rate of global fishing, particularly shark
is usually in the blue straight out from this split or concentration of
finning, our chances of seeing larger marine animals whilst diving are
current. This is where your skill as a diver becomes essential; being
diminishing quickly. More than 90 per cent of global hammerhead,
able to control your buoyancy and stay calm in a strong current is
tiger and oceanic whitetip sharks populations have declined.
not only safer and more enjoyable but gives you an increased chance
Illegal fishing still continues. however, the red sea is a place with a
of seeing something special by keeping you in the right place for as
good chance of big encounters and cdWs is working to help stamp
long as possible.
out illegal fishing in Egypt.
save our seas Foundation (sosF) is a non-profit organization that implements and supports
scientific research and educational projects focused on the marine environment. It aims to learn
more about the role that marine species, particularly sharks and rays, play in maintaining a
healthy ecosystem. It hopes to educate the public about the need to save our seas, especially the
consequences of removing sharks and rays from the world’s oceans, to support natural marine resource preservation and to conserve the
marine realm. For more information on sosF or to make a donation please visit
Issue  october / November 2009
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