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Charlotte Boan
Mary Gleeson
Cath Bates, Owen Bruce, Karin Brussaard, Dr Anke Fabian,
Carrol Flowers, Maria Munn, John Kean, Brendan O’Brien,
Letter from the Chairman...
Published by:
Chamber of Diving and Watersports (Egypt)

Dear readers
For enquiries call 00 20 12 039 8576
The end of the year is approaching and CDWS will be travelling in force
across Europe to promote Egypt’s diving and watersports industry at
all the major industry shows over the coming months. The first stop on
our tour is the UK dive show in Birmingham, which also sees the first-
ever printed edition of BLUE. It is a great opportunity for us to share all
that the Red Sea has to offer visitors of many diving interests and also
promote the achievements and objectives of the CDWS. I look forward
Karin Brussaard
to meeting with visitors throughout the weekend in the Red Sea Zone.
Dutch underwater photojournalist
Karin Brussaard travelled to the deep
Since the first CDWS member zone featured at the UK dive show in
south of the Egyptian Red Sea with
Birmingham last year, much work has been done to raise standards of
regular dive buddy Linda Engels
service and safety throughout the diving industry in Egypt.
to check out the best of the action
this summer. Read about their lucky
The CDWS hopes to have completed the full audits of all dive centres big animal encounters and see the
and safari boats operating in the Red Sea by early 2010, ensuring pictures, starting on page 23. Karin
all those that pass meet the newly adopted ISO standards. This is was ‘forced’ to learn to dive by her
the biggest challenge for the CDWS, but one that is vital to quality
brother in 1997, but lucky for her
(and him), she fell in love with the
sport. A few years later she began
Other work to improve standards includes the launch of training
taking underwater photographs. Today
schemes, many more of which will be introduced in 2010. None of these
she dives around the world with Linda and files regular reports
would have been possible without the support, both financially and
for diving magazine Duik Magazine. The 37-year-old has visited
technically, from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, particularly the head
the Red Sea seven times and says it has so much to offer divers.
of its training unit Mr Hussein Badran.
‘The amazing visibility and the most beautiful colours surprise me
There are many projects planned to improve safety and greater protect
again and again, ‘ she says. ‘In fact, each time I visit the Red Sea I
our marine environment, but these depend greatly on the support of
feel like a little child looking at something for the first time.’
all our members. At the CDWS, we do not have the resources to make
all the improvements we would like to see for all, such as the creation of
Cath Bates
safer confined training areas. We need more help from volunteers. If you
New regular BLUE contributor Cath
or staff members at your dive centre wish to participate in any future
Bates shares her love for technical
projects then please email the CDWS via
diving in the Red Sea and what’s on
offer to those who decide to deepen
We need the support of everyone to make the Red Sea one of the best their underwater adventures in
places in the world for diving, in terms of safety, service and marine Talking Tech, page 8. An instructor
environment preservation and protection. I strongly believe, however, of nine years experience, Cath has
that the will is there among all those who are part of this industry and
dived in the UK, New Zealand,
we can all work together to make this happen.
Caribbean, the Mediterranean and
Malaysia. She has worked in Sharm
Happy and safe diving,
el Sheikh for the past five years as
an open water and more recently
technical diving instructor. Why does
the 35-year-old love the Red Sea? ‘That one area can have so
much diversity, ranging from coral gardens to wrecks dripping
Hesham Gabr
in life, still astounds me after five solid years of working here,’ she
Chairman of the Chamber of Diving and Watersports
says. ‘ I even love the seasonal differences in the water. My most
memorable dives here include 13 hammerheads patrolling the
Lara and three big boy black tip sharks cruising at Anemone City.
After 5 minutes we remembered we didn’t have gills.’
Issue 3 October / November 2009
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