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The following institutions/organizations are potential partners in the
MEDSEC partnership:
CIDOB Foundation is an independent think tank based in Barcelona,
devoted to the study and research of international issues. Its main areas
of interest are international politics, conflicts and crises, global security,
intercultural dynamics, migrations, development and Spanish Foreign
Policy. CIDOB Foundation is therefore devoted to promote policy-ori-
ented ideas and to enrich the international debate on different global
issues, with a special focus on four geographical areas: Europe, the Medi-
terranean and Middle East, Latin America and Asia. Through policy-ori-
ented research, seminars and publications, CIDOB Foundation aims to
promote a better understanding of the international challenges which
face Spain and the European Union.
The Barcelona International Peace Resource Center (BIPRC) is a
new initiative promoted by the City Council of Barcelona. It constitutes
a landmark process in Spain, as it will decisively contribute to the trans-
formation of a former military prison and military museum into an active
international peace space. Among the different goals of the Barcelona In-
ternational Peace Center, it is envisaged to create an active space for peace
building and Culture of Peace interpretation, through exhibitions and
cultural activities; the promotion of an international program for highly
specialized training addressed to professionals active in international
peace and humanitarian relief missions; and the establishment of a peace
knowledge tools research program.
With 56 participating States, the Organization for Security and Co-
operation in Europe (OSCE) is a pre-eminent instrument for early
warning, conflict prevention, conflict management and post-conflict re-
habilitation in continental Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and North
America. Since its beginnings in 1973 the OSCE has taken a comprehen-
sive view of security, including through the protection and promotion of
human rights and fundamental freedoms, economic and environmental
cooperation, and political dialogue. The OSCE maintains special rela-
tions with six Mediterranean Partners for Co-operation and through
ongoing dialogue and joint activities, shares its expertise and provides
insight into current developments in the OSCE economic and environ-
mental dimension.
The Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region
and Europe (CEDARE) was established in 1992 as an international inter-
governmental Organization with diplomatic status. This was in response to
the convention adopted by the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible For
the Environment (CAMRE), in 1991 and upon the initiative of the Arab Re-
public of Egypt, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and
the Arab fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD). Building a
qualified and responsible human resource base, capable of addressing the
complex array of environmental challenges and concerns, as a commitment
to a sustainable future, through collective action, reform and renewal..
In 2003, the United Nations University (headquarters in Tokyo, Japan)
established the Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-
EHS) in Bonn, Germany, to address risks and vulnerabilities that are the
consequence of complex – both acute and latent – environmental hazards.
UNU-EHS aims at improving the in-depth understanding of the cause ef-
fect relationships in order to find possible ways to reduce risks and vul-
nerabilities. The Institute is conceived to support policy and decision mak-
ers with authoritative research and information. UNU-EHS is supported by
the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry
of Science and Research of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.
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