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Contents Analysis: Startups Analysis: Startups Analysis: Epic AGM report

Diversity, photonics funding and investment were highlighted at Epic’s annual meeting, reports Matthew Dale

Feature: Remote sensing 12

Laser light behaves differently in water, bringing both challenges and opportunities for oceanographers using lidar, finds Andy Extance

Sponsored: Raman spectroscopy 17 The analysis of tritium-containing gases by Raman spectroscopy has become routine, finds Laser Quantum

Feature: Optical metrology 18

Advances in optical metrology equipment are helping the semiconductor industry increase productivity, finds Keely Portway

Sponsored: Optical metrology 23 LBP Optics discusses the techniques used to take sub-micron measurements of mirrors and optical components


David Giltner, founder of TunringScience, asks whether scientists can make good entrepreneurs


Géraldine Andrieux at Blumorpho shares her top tips on getting investors’ attention while pitching

10 EOS news

A look back at some of the past winners of the society’s Early Career Women in Photonics Award

Sponsored: Fourier 24

transform spectroscopy Gemma Church finds out more about the Gemini interferometer from Nireos and its new uses

Tech focus: AR/VR 26


Startup success

The finals of the Laser World of Photonics Startup and Innovation Awards, which Electro Optics is sponsoring, would have taken place this month. The event is now happening next year, and I’m probably not alone in being eager to visit Munich and other destinations soon to meet familiar faces in person again. We have articles in this issue discussing

Researchers have combined freeform optics and a metasurface to develop easy-to-wear glasses

28 Tech focus: Spectral imaging Epic news Products

Scientists have developed a lensless, infrared spectral-imaging system for medical diagnostics

Carlos Lee discusses the launch of the Mid IR Alliance

The latest products from around the globe


Find the suppliers you need Interview

30 34 36 38

Carlos Lee talks to Martina Mueller, CEO of Swiss company 3D AG


these themes. On page 4, David Giltner asks whether scientists can make good entrepreneurs, arguing that the perception of a successful startup leader is different from the qualities required, in reality. Géraldine Andrieux, of accelerator Blumorpho, shares tips on getting investors’ attention on page 8. Being able to pitch sharp and smart is part of what is expected from an entrepreneur, but presentation skills are just part of what makes a pitch successful, she argues. Healthy levels of investment are key to a successful startup ecosystem, and is something Epic is advocating for, particularly after photonics was not named in the European Commission’s funding programme, Horizon Europe. Matthew Dale, on page 10, reports of the association’s AGM which took place remotely in April, where the development of a Core Photonics Index was discussed. It is hoped the index will demonstrate that photonics is a profitable industry worthy of investment.


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