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Best practice for effective searching for literature reviews EBSCO, IFIS Publishing

In a webinar with Research Information, given in November 2019, Rhianna Gamble and Carol Hollier of IFIS presented on the topic of literature reviews in food science

Indexed by Experts, MLA International Bibliography is a Global Collaboration EBSCO, Modern Language Association

The MLA International Bibliography is known around the world for the quality of its indexing. Mary Onorato, Director of Bibliographic Information Services and Publisher, MLA International Bibliography, shares the secrets of its success

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The role of health care professionals in a changing sector

Springer Nature

The health care sector is undergoing a significant change, moving away from a system of caring for the sick to early intervention, prevention and supporting of wellbeing.

Using the MLA International Bibliography to Guide the Research Process EBSCO

In a recent webinar presented by Research Information, Angela Ecklund and Farrah Lehman Den of the Modern Language Association (MLA) shared an overview of the free online teaching tools developed for use with the MLA International Bibliography. Claire Buck, Professor of English at Wheaton College, also described how she integrates the Bibliography into the curriculum to engage students in the research process.

The Importance of MathSciNet to Mathematicians EBSCO, Mathematical Reviews, MathsSciNet

Leading subject indexes provide critical information to academic researchers, enabling them to conduct a thorough review of literature with speed and efficiency.

Latest trends in AI and robotics

Springer Nature Artificial Intelligence has long entered our workplace and home. It is used in robotics, where collaborative robots deliver parts and perform repetitive or even dangerous tasks.

Six ways to improve your journal’s impact Highwire

Last month, following the publication of Clarivate’s 2019 Journal Impact Factor report, HighWire founding director John Sack took a look at some of the uses and misuses of the impact factor.

ISSN-L is the cluster identifier for periodical titles that simplifies management and discovery ISSN

Communities interested in the publication, distribution and management of serials and other continuing resources know a standard code for the unique identification of these contents is essential.

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The Engineering Literature Review – Five Quick Steps to Starting Research IET

Engineering researchers who take these steps can save time and improve outcomes.

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