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June/July 2020 l Issue 108 Measuring in context 4

As scholarly publishing communities search for the meaning behind metrics, the need for context is becoming crystal-clear, reports Rebecca Pool

Taking on a pandemic

A round-up of initiatives within scholarly communication, related to Covid-19

Tech focus: user experience Emerald sparkles in UX challenge


Open Book: a view from Italy 18 The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of open access and open science, writes Rossana Morriello

Will Covid-19 overturn 200,000 years of social evolution? 20

Mark Carden ponders: does the pandemic mean that the world has changed forever? The evolution of discovery

The discovery service has been a known genre in libraries for more than a decade, writes Tamir Borensztajn

Uncertainty, meet modularity 23

Publishing organisations should look to adopt modular infrastructure and modular business models, says Brian Cody

10 Enabling ‘artisan work’ 24

Mark Gross, president at Data Conversion Laboratory, tells the story of the firm’s birth and its work in scholarly communications

Gender, geography and seniority


Kim Eggleton wonders: how do we solve the problem of diversity in peer review? Helping new audiences

to follow the science

Richard Gallagher explains why reliable scientific insight is needed more now than ever

Meeting high expectations

In February 160 attendees gathered in London at BMA House for the fifth Researcher to Reader conference. Heather Staines reports

News 22 32 A yoke of yarns from around the industry 30 28

Looking back at the leader column for the previous issue of Research Information, much of the world – and the scholarly communications industry – was getting used to the concept of Covid 19, but nobody seemed sure just how (and how seriously) it would affect us all. Two months on and we’ve learned new ways of working and communicating but we’ve still managed to put together a decent magazine for you! Of course, there’s plenty of Covid-19-related material; not least four pages of news about industry players stepping up to the plate to launch new resources, revamping old ones – and bringing down barriers in order to enable access to, and to disseminate, crucial information regarding the pandemic. There are several analysis pieces

related directly to the outbreak: on page 18 there’s a report from Rossana Morriello on initiatives in Italian universities; on page 20 Mark Carden ponders over the long-term implications for the industry; and on page 28 Richard Gallagher tells us of Annual Reviews’ efforts to introduce new readers to science, not least that relating to the pandemic. Our main feature by Rebecca Pool

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is all around the subject of metrics and the need to put into context any measurement relating to citation data or other impacts of scholarly research. There’s also a fascinating interview with Mark Gross, president of Data Conversion Laboratory. Until next time, stay safe and well.


Leader: Tim Gillett Learning curve

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