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reported in Research Information in 2018, soon after launch. Since then, Knowable Magazine has built a substantial audience. The web site has had 2.3 million users, and 3.5 million page views, including 245,000 in April 2020 alone, with an additional estimated 1.6 million page views via media partner republication since launch (see Fig. 1A). Publications that have republished Knowable Magazine content include The Washington Post, The Atlantic, BBC Future, and The Week. The combination of Annual Reviews journals and Knowable Magazine provides accessible coverage to many topics of general interest, backed by in-depth related review content (free HTML access is provided to relevant Annual Reviews articles). Roughly one in 30 readers of Knowable Magazine articles click through to Annual Reviews.

Actionable summaries This initiative is in the early stages. We are currently exploring how to translate Annual Reviews content to a format that will directly benefit policy makers, industry leaders, educators, and professionals. We have begun to collect and analyse information on the needs of representative groups in these categories, at local, national, and international levels; to review the relevant literature and events; and to reach out to organisations that service the policy and business communities with a view to exploring partnership opportunities. | @researchinfo

“We have begun to analyse information on the needs of... groups in these categories”


Plans, including partnerships, for small, in-person events have been brought to a standstill by Covid-19. The goal of our events will be to enable exchanges among researchers, policy makers, funders, investors, and advocates around key societal challenges, with emphasis on scientific input and gaps in the science base. Potential partners include think tanks, economic laboratories, corporations, and government agencies. Working on creative approaches to develop this project, which is heavily dependent on personal and group interactions, for virtual environments is our current focus of enquiry.

In the time of Covid-19 In addition to removing access control to support researchers, faculty and staff working from home during the pandemic, Annual Reviews has published a Coronavirus Article Collection that provides free (and perpetual) access to 17 review articles. In March 2020 alone, these articles were downloaded 50,068 times. We have also launched a project called

Pandemic Life as a way to link people’s everyday experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic to relevant research. Three times a week, a different article is highlighted, shedding light on such matters as the benefits of social norms, how to guide children’s development, dealing with isolation, and the nature of happiness. Pandemic Life is piloting live online discussions. So far, two events have been held, exploring the effects of social isolation and the genetics of susceptibility to Covid-19. Put together quickly and with promotion through in-house newsletters and social media outreach, these attracted 362 registrants from 19 countries and 686 registrants from 32 countries, respectively. We are learning quickly and expect these audiences to grow. While remaining true to our primary function of serving the scientific community, we envisage Annual Reviews contributing at the interface between research and other facets of society. This is a natural role for a science publisher and one that I believe serves authors, editors, the organisation, and, most of all, the new audiences with whom we will interact. I welcome suggestions, concerns, and expressions of interest in these ventures that will create a public good that allows everyone to follow the science. I can be reached at or on Twitter @RichardG_AR.

Richard Gallagher is president and editor-in-chief at Annual Reviews

June/July 2020 Research Information 29

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