The Lesjöfors Group has made important investments in further developing its capabilities in materials and spring development. The new laboratory focuses on spring tests and material tests in different areas. This has been expanded from a smaller spring lab with skilled staff into a dedicated centre for R&D. The materials lab includes test

preparation equipment such as cutting, casting, grinding, polishing and etching. Following preparation, hardness testing with Vickers at loads of 10g to 10kg can be done and the metallurgical characteristics studied at up to 1,000x magnification in a light microscope. According to Stefan Musslinder of Lesjöfors, it is

important to increase the company’s understanding of how different materials work in different situations and applications in order to be able to offer material choices that are optimal for future springs. In the spring lab, staff can

investigate the properties of individual springs, such as fatigue, relaxation, creep and elasticity limits, also secondary phenomena such as side loads, stability and load symmetry. “The purpose of the lab is

partly to meet an increasing need for testing from our customers, but above all for us to be able to develop our production processes and increase our knowledge of springs and materials,” concludes Musslinder.

prototype, as a result of continuous optimisation, aerodynamic efficiency has been improved by 34 per cent.

❱❱ Rimac improves efficiency by more than a third with aerodynamic testing of the C_Two supercar


❱❱ Test system for 5G VoNR voice service from R&S and Head acoustics

multimedia subsystem (IMS) server of the R&S CMX500 platform via the simulated 4G or 5G mobile network, depending on the use case. The labCORE system is

connected through wired Ethernet using the integrated IP forward mode of the IMS server, specifically developed for this, allowing users to forward the voice data of a call established with the R&S CMX500 directly to the labCORE system for detailed

voice quality analysis. In this mode, the system fully supports the 5G speech codecs EVS (enhanced voice service), AMR-WB and AMR-NB. Using the test suite of the ACQUA measurement and analysis software developed by Head acoustics for TS 26 131-32, the system fully covers all significant acoustic requirements. This enables manufacturers of 5G capable telecommunications devices to test the voice quality of their devices at an early stage and prepare for rollout of 5G voice services.

❱❱ Calibration service centre established at Heathrow for avionics testing


Muirhead Avionics at Heathrow has been approved by Astronics Test Systems (ATS) as an approved service centre for calibration of the CTS 6000 communication test systems. ATS has provided Muirhead with the CTS 6025 CSAR test set to ensure accurate and complete calibration services of the full range of communication test systems in the CTS-6000 series. With this partnership,

Astronics has expanded its support of the CTS-6000 series that provides complete radio frequency, analogue and digital test capabilities into

Europe and the Middle East. Jim Mulato, president of

Astronics Test Systems, said: “This agreement will enhance our capability and allow Astronics to continue providing quality service to our growing customer base in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.” Muirhead Avionics is an independent repair facility for commercial, regional and general aviation offering repair, overhaul, modification, and flight recorder transcription, all of which are backed with comprehensive engineering support and training facilities.

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