❱❱ The immersive Driver-in- the-Loop Delta S3 simulator from Ansible Motion will be used by professional test drivers at Continental to evaluate tyre performance

Ansible Motion and Continental pave the road ahead for connected, more sustainable, simulation- driven tyre testing

Simulator drives tyre testing C

ontinental has become the first tyre manufacturer to order Ansible Motion’s advanced driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulator, the Delta S3. The new simulator has increased motion space, higher

resolution and the ability to benchmark tyres accurately in a virtual world. The Delta S3 will enable Continental’s engineers to repeatedly and consistently test tyres across a range of virtual terrains, locations, scenarios and seasons. The simulator will support the company’s goal to be the most progressive tyre manufacturer in terms of environmental and socially responsible business practices by 2030, with the aim to reduce real world testing by up to 100,000km a year and use 10,000 fewer tyres for development. The Delta S3 utilises highly immersive simulation motion and vision systems to develop and validate an increasingly complex mix of powertrain, safety and driver technologies. Now, looking to the future, Ansible Motion’s Delta S3 simulator will support the next generation of virtual objective and subjective testing needed for its OE car and commercial vehicle tyres. With the ability to test and validate considerably more iterations of compound and construction, the speed and accuracy of using a high-fidelity simulator enables Continental’s engineers to find better ways of improving grip, wear and fuel efficiency, all in a more sustainable way. According to Dr Boris Mergell, head of research

and development of the tyres business area at Continental, developing and testing premium tyres is a highly complex, time-intensive process and by using the new dynamic driving simulator, Continental will be able to make this development process even more efficient in the future. “We want to actively shape the virtual

development process in the automotive industry in the tyre sector as well,” he says. “The new simulator combines state-of-the-art technology with the vast

experience of our professional test drivers. Continental is one of the pioneers in the use of this innovative, hybrid test technology.”

REALISTIC EXPERIENCES For tyre development applications, the new Delta S3 platform ensures motions can be sustained for longer durations, guaranteeing more realistic experiences such as two-lane car manoeuvres, tight and long cornering, as well as driving on different surfaces and in a multitude of weather conditions. Thanks to its ability to accelerate and change direction quickly, the S3 is ideal for both subjective and objective ride and vehicle dynamic testing of electric, hybrid and internal combustion powertrain vehicles, and all while satisfying the response time demands of professional development drivers.

SIMULATION BENEFIT Apart from the ability to test tyres in a much larger number of configurations with small changes in parametric values, simulation also has the advantage of reducing real world track time, providing a means of correlating track test results with simulation performance and reducing development times. “For passenger and commercial vehicles, tyres are the components that connect the driver to the road,” says Kia Cammaerts, founder of Ansible Motion. “Developments in simulation and modelling are enabling tyre manufacturers to quickly assess multiple iterations of their products in the simulator – many more than you could attempt in real world testing. Our DIL simulator enables tyre engineers to be more creative, unlocking the key performance differentiators of grip, wear and low rolling resistance in a more sustainable way.” Ansible Motion has made numerous improvements to its third-generation Delta DIL, creating a tool specifically for engineers to deliver class-leading dynamics, immersion and motion. T&TH

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