measurement, it also, via the standard interchange technique, automatically performs a self-calibration of the measurement ratios to <0.02 x 10-6 With an operating range up to


10,000A and its modular design, the 6622A can be found in many calibration laboratories, nuclear test labs and electric vehicle powertrain development workshops.

❱❱On-site calibration service removes the need to dismantle critical equipment for sending to labs

Calibration service for sensing & protection Vibration, position and speed instrumentation system supplier Sensonics has expanded its range of services to meet the growing and changing requirements of its customers, one of which is the requirement for annual calibration of critical sensing and protection equipment. Whilst return-to-base calibration

services have always been offered, it is not always easy to dismantle and return critical monitoring equipment and the subsequent outage planning is complex and variable. The new on-site calibration services include experienced site engineers backed up by UK manufacturing and specialised engineering resources. Calibration of vibration sensors and proximity probes is a service that can be extended to confirm the accuracy and alarm functions of the complete measurement loop. Where sensors and monitoring equipment require separate calibration, signal injection methods are used to confirm the monitoring equipment in situ and with UKAS traceable calibrations in the laboratory.

Current calibration system eliminates EMF Guildline Instruments’ 6622A DCC bridge uses a process of automatic current reversal. The unique

22 /// Testing & Test Houses /// June 2021

architecture of the bridge and its control algorithm further removes gain and offset errors in the nano- voltmeter balance detector and the precision toroid. The end results are shown by long-term accuracy and linearity without the need for routine, frequent verification tests or calibrations. Incorporating a unique self calibration function for the embedded null detector which is performed as part of each

❱❱ DC Meter current measuring system can be used at up to 2000Arms

High accuracy current measurement for DC meters Danisense and ZES Zimmer have developed a highly accurate and stable DC meter test system comprising the Danisense DS600 current sense transducer and the LMG600 power analyser from ZES Zimmer. The power analysers provide accurate DC measurement across a current input range of 500μA - 32A rms but EV charging stations supplying hundreds of kilowatts and other applications, such as DC micro-grids, require currents in the hundreds of amps. However, the current transducers enable the system to measure up to 2,000A rms (3,000A peak or DC) and even higher. DC meter accuracy is especially important, since customers will be charged on how

much they use, and stability over temperature and other environmental factors is also important. By integrating the

❱❱ Current calibration system eliminates thermal EMF effects in electric vehicles

DS600 into the DC metering system, the two companies have created a product that makes it simple for organisations to set up their test programs without requiring any other equipment. The accuracy is such that the equipment can be used for calibration and in critical billing applications. The system is already being used by German standards organisation VDE to calibrate and certify DC meters used in EV charging stations, which are proliferating as consumers switch to electric cars.

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