sports flooring

énergie Fitness invests in bespoke flooring

FITNESS franchisor énergie Fitness is upgrading the flooring across its UK clubs in a new partnership with Physical Company. énergie wants to revamp the free weights,

studio and branded flooring across all new énergie Fitness sites and install higher quality bespoke designs. The franchisor has selected two flooring options - the Ecore Performance Rally Line and Custom Grass Solution – both of which will be specified, designed and installed by Physical Company. The Ecore Performance Rally Line

comprises a 12mm shock-absorbing under layer bonded to 2.5mm colour layer. Supplied on a roll for a smooth unbroken surface, the flooring will be installed in free weights and functional training areas in the énergie corporate colours of green, grey and white. The Custom Turf Solution will be installed

in the functional workout zones known as Yard Club Edition. Available in 12 énergie clubs, these 8m x 8m areas currently feature turf flooring that have been sliced and glued to create the white lines markings required by the franchisor. However, these joins can start to break down within a short space of time causing the turf surface to lift which makes the flooring both unattractive and unsafe. With Custom Turf Solution, the white lines and YARD logo are woven in on the loom to give a single piece of flooring with the markings integrated into the design. The turf is rolled out and installed to give the YARD space a seamless, high quality surface. Physical Company has already fitted out

the énergie Fitness head office in Milton Keynes, which combines a 1,200-member franchise club with its customer demonstration and staff training site. The company has fitted out the recently

opened énergie Fitness clubs in Derby and Winchester as well as the revamped site in Forest Hill. Chelmsley Wood and Southend will open in the next month.

New floor for Copper Box arena as part of BBL partnership

TARAFLEX sports flooring from Gerflor has been installed at The Copper Box arena at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London ahead of the 2018/19 basketball season, which kicks of in September. This is the first sports court to be installed by

the company after it was appointed as the official flooring partner of the British Basketball League (BBL). Made since 1947, Taraflex sports floors are

used by some of the largest international sports federations such volleyball, handball, badminton and table tennis. The Evolution product offers a P1 category shock absorbency


25 - 35 per cent and meets the EN 14904 Standard for indoor sports surfaces, while the new Taraflex Evolution 7.5mm has increased shock absorption. “This is not just about investing in the BBL to

be chosen as the official flooring partner, this is about providing the clubs at various stages with world class floors to play on,” says David Carter from Gerflor UK. “This raises the profile of the sport and

interest in the sport, which will drive further investment which in turn helps the sport.”

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