Ten years in the making, a new £650,000 skatepark has opened in Newquay offering something for all members of the local wheeled sports community

Concrete Waves

MAVERICK worked with local riders on the design of the new facility after winning the tender several years ago. Their brief was to create a community facility first, but one that was designed to an international standard for future events and competitions, and potentially an Olympic training ground. The new concrete facility in Trenance Leisure

Park has been built on the site of an old wooden skatepark, Wooden Waves, which it replaces. The ownership of Wooden Waves was transferred from Cornwall Council to Newquay Town Council in 2016, which already maintained the skatepark. The devolution of the park paved the way for Newquay Town Council to attract funding to develop the site into a purpose built concrete skate park for people with different levels of ability. The resulting Concrete Waves has been

designed to meet the needs of the local wheeled sports community - skateboard, BMX and scooter riders - with a variety of inclusive features to appeal to a host of different riding disciplines, age groups and abilities. The facility has been organised into four

separate areas; a long expansive street run, an internationally significant bowl, a retro-style pool and stairset. The idea behind the facility is that all of the routes around the skatepark link up to form an enormous flowpark when the facility is quiet or separate, independent areas when the park is busy. Segregating the space into different zones means that large numbers of people can safely use the space at the same time. Maverick worked with Newquay Town

Council to help identify where funding could be sourced. The Council contributed the lion’s share of the funding for the project from 106 funds with additional funding sourced from Sport England’s Community Asset Fund. The total budget for the build totalled £540,000 with further funding in place for floodlighting and CCTV, due to be installed shortly. The build took just 28 weeks to complete

thanks to the good summer weather allowing the facility to open just in time for the school summer holidays. “Newquay Town Council has been very

forward thinking with the design of Concrete Waves. To invest £650,000 in a skatepark is a

rare occurrence in the UK, but we are seeing a growing interest among local authorities for more ambitious and progressive skateparks and we are already working on other projects of a similar scale,” says Sue Mitchener, director of Maverick. In fact, half of the tenders the company

currently receives are for skateparks over the value of £200,000. It seems that councils are beginning to recognise the value of community skateparks, and just how popular they are. “Skateparks attract multiple riding

disciplines across a very wide ranging age group and are valuable assets for engaging the local community in physical activity. In many areas they have proven to reduce anti-social behaviour. We hope that Newquay is the first of many landmark facilities – Newquay Town Council are to be congratulated for setting a new benchmark for skatepark provision.”

Hear Cllr Olly Monk from Newquay Council talk about Concrete Waves at the paf forum. See more details on page 20 23

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