We take a look at some of the new fitness equipment that is helping to shape workouts in our facilities.

itness Highly programmable plyo tool

THE Plyo Five is the latest tool for dynamic, progressive and safe plyometric training workouts. Suitable for any ability, differing heights and surface areas offer five levels of progression, introducing beginners to jumping and seriously challenging advanced athletes. With five boxes in one efficient footprint, the product offers numerous workout possibilities for large group, small group and one-on-one training and is therefore ideal for studios, boutiques and gyms where floor space optimisation matters as much to the member experience as to the bottom line. Members of

any ability can push to their limits safely with five step heights, and varying surface areas challenging competent athletes to increase their landing focus. With shape-holding,

hardwearing foam internals comprehensively tested for longevity and

safety, Plyo Five won’t go soft and baggy with use. It also features a wipe-clean surface and ergonomic Cordura hand holds – designed as pockets for a flat surface without performance impact.

Magnetic resistance training

THE S-Force Performance Trainer delivers scientifically-proven magnetic resistance training to challenge users in high-intensity, low-impact interval training on the gym floor, in circuits and small group training.

The smooth and quiet magnetic resistance motion system is designed to provide a high-intensity, low-impact workout. Magnetic resistance increases the harder the athlete works, creating challenging and progressive workouts for beginners up to elite athletes.

S-Force can be set to enhance athletic performance or deliver individual and group HIIT training. It has five resistance levels and is pre-loaded with the exclusive Sprint 8 20-minute HIIT workout. Instant access to popular training programmes are at the touch of a button and all activity is monitored on the adjustable backlit console making it easy to see complete workout data to help users measure their improvement. Space-saving functional training solution

EVO Bench is a multi-functional, single station, fitness solution equipped for a complete workout. Designed for small group and one to one

training, this versatile exercise and storage bench offers an ideal solution for operators looking to deliver a quality experience in limited space. The sturdy unit houses all the equipment

necessary to deliver a complete functional workout. In addition to storage space for six dumbbell pairs, two Kettlebells, a slam ball, an HD Wave Battle Rope and two levels of resistance tubing, further space is available for specialist kit chosen by the trainer to make each and every session bespoke.

With seven backrest positions to target

all major upper body muscle groups, Evo Bench offers extensive exercise options and features a fully welded anchor point for battle rope training. With its solid base plate, stabilising rubber

feet and fully welded joints, weighing in at 81kg, the Evo Bench is extremely durable and has been engineered to withstand daily use. NFC enabled, trainers can gain access, via a

smart device, to a digital library of exercises developed by industry experts. 29

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