SHAPEWATCH is an innovative 3D body scanner and visualisation tool which allows users to scan their bodies, monitor key biometrics and see their body shapes in 3D for true transformation. Backed by Global Scanning, which has

more than 30 years of scanning technology experience, Shapewatch allows users to track their progress towards their fitness/wellness goals via the Shapewatch app. Quantitative measurement and self-

tracking are changing the ways in which we can know ourselves today,” says Shapewatch sales director Alan Louden. “It can provide information that allows us

to connect behaviours to health outcomes. Shapewatch enables users to accurately and consistently track key biometrics essential to overall fitness and health – visualising one’s health data in 3D with personalised, customisable avatars.” With this data and its Dynamic Movement

Assessment, Shapewatch offers valuable applications for pre-habilitation, rehabilitation, wellness and performance. “By reimagining what we can learn from

our health, fitness and leisure activities, we can improve the quality of our lives.” CoachAi

COACHAI is an AI companion that helps people achieve their health and wellness goals, coaching them through the process via Facebook Messenger chat and using proven behavioral science to ensure the habit sticks. For health club operators, CoachAi is an

automated solution for improving member experience and retention without the need for technical integration, staff retraining, or asking members to download an app. The solution has been developed by a team

of fitness industry veterans, behavioural science experts and artificial intelligence engineers, who spent over a year researching how they could help people achieve their health and wellness goals. “We partnered with Paul Bedford, the expert


GOSWEAT gives people access to information and bookable classes for a wide range of activities, at venues across the UK. The aim is to make it easy for people to discover, search, book and share their new passion. “We offer people the freedom to find a

health and fitness routine that fits their life. For us, personal well-being is more than just access to a gym, it’s a holistic package of experiences at times and locations to fit around your life,” says co-founder and CEO Alex Hind. GoSweat’s co-founders were also its first

customers. Tired of only being offered gym discounts by their previous employers and bored of spending hours trying to find local fitness, they sought out a different way. “GoSweat offers a huge range of classes

that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. The variety itself encourages people to try classes they might not have thought even existed before - like Quidditch, Kangoo Jumps and HulaFit,” says Hind. “The ease of discovery also takes out a

huge barrier to entry for some. The simplicity of being able to discover and book local


fitness experiences in a couple of clicks, means people are much more likely to book and book again.”

on exercise adherence and member retention. We learned that people who have a companion on their journey to manage the process and keep them accountable are 95 per cent more likely to succeed. But while 1-on-1 coaching is very effective, most people can't afford it,” says CEO Shai Neiger. “Unlike most fitness products and services,

CoachAi is specifically designed to help beginners, non-athletes, and people that struggle to stick to a regular routine. It offers personal guidance, motivation and accountability along every step of their fitness journey, and each person has a unique experience that is designed to maximize their chance of success.”

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