factor. The court is in near constant use by local players. London Lions star Lamar Roberts, whose Right Development Foundation will be funded by London Sport to deliver a Sport England Satellite Club from the location, was full of praise at the official opening of the site. An additional area sits next to the

mix and play together, a genuine multi-use games area, not an any one game and one group at a time area.” It was also clear that further consultation

was needed to give local people a sense of ownership in the project. “I agreed with Lisa, that if she could run

consultation events and generate enthusiasm, feedback and ideas for this project, then I would pull together members of the Urban Sports Group, who could provide Lisa with the tools and knowledge to inform and educate the community on the decisions they would be making,” explains Roebuck. Urban Sports Group members

PlayInnovation and The Great Outdoor Gym Company came on board after one meeting, producing free designs for the project as more than 400 residents were engaged in a consultation process. People were asked what they would like to

see in their local park. PlayInnovation used these ideas to develop various designs for the park and people were asked to choose their preferred option.

inclusive sport and play Playinnovation believed the close proximity of the old play area and basketball court to each other was the perfect opportunity to create a family inclusive sport and play area where children, young people and adults could feel inspired to visit, stay active and co-exist in a safe community environment. The playground therefore benefits from

colourful multi play units, swings for all ages and abilities, an inclusive roundabout and toddler zones for role play. To the far side of the playground, a line of

architectural spheres and blocks lead to a smart gym zone from The Great Outdoor Gym Company, where users can use a free app to log and track their workouts. In addition, the equipment gathers smart data on the usage and analyses the data which can be collected to prove a return on investment. Adjacent to the gym zone and close to the

grassed area, an outdoor table tennis table has been installed and is already in good use by local children and parents. The park also features a Playinnovation Hype

Court with transparent backboards and hoops designed to create a basketball court with wow


basketball court featuring fun and educational target games Crossbar King, Goal Master and Street Pool for more family fun. The space also features a Wallball and an additional basketball post and backboard in funky translucent yellow acrylic which reflects the sunlight onto the tarmac at various times of the day. The design of the new play, games and

gym areas has created a social activity hub suitable for the whole family.

funding support The project was made possible thanks to a variety of funding sources. “I supported Lisa and Avril through the first

bids to key funders such as Veolia and the London Marathon Charitable Trust, but they led on the pulling together of those applications. By the last few, they didn’t need to refer to me anymore, which is great. My job is to be a catalyst, before moving on to support someone else,” says Roebuck. The funding totalled £269,598, £140,000 of

which was provided by The London Marathon Charitable Trust. The remaining funds came from Veolia (£59,999), Sport England (£25,000), crowdfunding (£5,599) and match funding from Barking and Dagenham Council (£39,000). The London Marathon Charitable Trust also provided a further £10,000 to help meet the cost of providing organised sport and recreation sessions at the new facility and

Table Tennis England donated a Ping! Table. “From a London Sport perspective, we’ve

learned a lot about the process of ‘working with’ rather than ‘working for’, and we’ve been able to share the experiences of Avril and Lisa across London, hopefully to influence how other boroughs consider their park redevelopments, healthy streets or really any spaces that can be used for informal sport,” says Roebuck.

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