inactivity and the influences on behaviour. We are focussing more on the outcomes that sport and physical activity can impact upon and that matter to local partners and communities. We are shifting from transactional relationships to developing longer term sustainable relationships, bringing people together around a common purpose. We are engaging more closely with the communities we wish to work with to help understand and address some of the complex issues that affect local people. And whilst we have always had a collaborative culture, we are ensuring we are exhibiting truly collaborative behaviours and encouraging those same behaviours amongst all parts of the local system. Ultimately, we are seeking to broker cross

sector partnerships and use our local presence to develop the thinking, culture and practice of collaboration, optimising use of resources, assets and skills to develop a framework for change locally and make sport and physical activity everyone’s business. We know there is no silver bullet, so whilst

we still work with local partners to co-create impactful behaviour change programmes, we are thinking about these in different ways. It’s no longer just about the direct outputs of the programme, but how it can be used to enhance our customer understanding, engage target

communities, build the evidence, influence decision makers, policy and investment, broker new partnerships, develop the workforce and begin to create a social movement. To support this, we are developing a

learning and improvement culture and getting better at evaluating the impact of our work on social outcomes.

Q. Tell us about your new brand. Given this significant change in how we are working and recognising that many partners have worked with us at various times over our 20-year history, we concluded that a new name was needed to reinforce the changes and better reflect this new role. The term Active highlights the broad spectrum

of sports and physical activities we embrace, the dynamic and agile way that we approach our work and our mission to increase levels of engagement in sport and physical activity. The term Partnerships reinforces the

collaborative nature of our work and our core purpose to create the conditions for an active nation by engaging communities, building understanding and insight, brokering cross sector partnerships and influencing policy and practice. 13 About Active Partnerships

The Active Partnerships were established by Sport England in 1999-2000 as a nationwide network of local partnerships, originally to lead the local delivery of national programmes including Active Sports and County Youth Games.

The non-profit, social enterprises are locally led and embedded within their communities. There are 43 Active Partnerships which come together to provide a nationwide network covering every part of England, and therefore able to join up national policy and programmes with local partners and practice. A unique feature of the Active Partnerships is their independence, working across all sports, activities, providers and audiences, focused on the needs of their local communities.

The vision of the network is to make active lifestyles the social norm for everyone.

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