With Redcliffe Homes’ beautiful Monmouth developments proving popular with older people who are choosing to downsize, Redcliffe has teamed up with The Senior Move Partnership to make older customers’ house moves a pleasure rather than a pain.

The Senior Move Partnership takes much of the hassle out of moving for older people, leaving them to enjoy life in their new homes. Amanda Fyfe from Senior Move Partnerships said:

“Many people in their senior years can be forgiven for finding the thought of a house move difficult. It may be long time since they have moved, people may not be so fit and perhaps have lost some confidence in dealing with such a major upheaval. Just the thought of moving can be exhausting! Unfortunately this can stop people moving home, even though they know that moving to a smaller place with a ready-made community and less maintenance would be perfect for them.

“What we do is enable people to make that dream move by taking much of the hassle away. We can provide as much help as is required. We ask people what part of downsizing is putting them off the move and then we provide solutions to the problem’’.

It’s no wonder that older buyers have been choosing Redcliffe Homes’ developments in Monmouth. These buyers are looking for security, low maintenance, an existing community, local amenities and very high quality homes in a desirable area. Redcliffe’s Llangattock Court and The Rolls Buildings developments tick all the boxes.

One new Redcliffe resident has already used The Senior Move Partnership and was delighted with the service. Mrs Munday, who bought a home from Redcliffe, said:

“I met with Tracy from The Senior Move Partnership who instantly reassured me that she would be able to help. She was kind, considerate and established what my needs were and what was important to me. I was downsizing and had too many items to take with me so we identified items to go to the charity shop or to the tip and she organised this for me. I couldn’t have done this move without them.”

Monmouth is a popular location which has a first- rate range of shops, restaurants, cafés and a whole host of activities, including The Savoy Theatre, which offers films and live entertainment.

For further information please contact the Sales & Marketing Suite on 01600 711751.

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