We ask the woman who’s sold millions of pounds worth of Waterstone Homes how the firm has made its new collection of 17 luxury homes at St Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan, fit into an 18th Century village.

On the back of leading Welsh housebuilder Waterstone


completing its brand-new develop- ment, St Nicholas Fields, we spoke to Sales & Marketing Director, Andrea Gardner, about how the firm ensures its new build homes fit in old, rural village locations.

Tell us more about St Nicholas Fields? St Nicholas Fields is our our new development of 17 family homes in a secluded countryside location within the village of St Nicholas village. It’s a cul-de-sac of four and five bedroom properties, each with spacious open plan rooms, ample outdoor living space and gardens, as well as off road parking including single or double garages.

Why did you decide on St Nicholas and the Vale of Glamorgan as a location? St Nicholas is a beautiful village with immense charm. It is surrounded by some of the best of the Welsh countryside, with many beautiful beaches nearby, including Southerndown and Ogmore. It has a lovely rural feel, making it the perfect place to escape and embrace outdoor living. At the same time, despite its remote setting and small village feel, there is plenty to enjoy nearby from shopping and restaurants, to pubs and bars. The village has excellent transport and commuting links, located only 20 minutes from Cardiff and all of its amenities, within easy reach of both the city centre and M4 motorway. You really couldn’t ask for a better location – St Nicholas offers the best of both worlds, achieving

the perfect balance between village charm and city life.

What does Waterstone Homes take into consideration when developing new build properties in old village locations like St Nicholas? We always work hard to develop properties that are fitting and in keeping with the locations they are built within. With its rural and historic setting, it was important for us to build homes that are in keeping with the style and nature of St Nicholas and ensure we retain the character of the village. With this in mind, we opted to build a small development of just 17 homes, each with ample outside space, driveways and garages. The homes are not piled on top of each other, there’s room to breathe. Part of our strategy is to adopt design elements of other houses in the area. Due to its age, St Nicholas is home to many different mixes of Georgian, Victorian & modern style properties, so we have tried to incorporate elements from each of these periods into our designs. To achieve this, we have used old-fashioned render, bradstone-look materials, traditional doors and windows featuring Georgian bars. We also work on creating homes that look timeless and will fit in their setting not just today, but in the future. We’re confident that we’ve achieved this with the style of homes we’ve designed, and the fact that we have sold the 17 off plan is testament to that. We are also dedicated to helping the communities we build in and allocate part of our build budget towards public art. At St Nicholas, we are supporting a local poet to teach poetry in the village’s school.

Who are these properties targeted at? The properties are targeted at individuals who are looking for open-plan lifestyle-living. Thanks to St Nicholas’ great transport links, particularly to Cardiff, the properties are ideal for those working in Cardiff or for individuals looking to move nearer to their families in the region. As we aim to sell off plan, often as soon as planning approval is confirmed, we need to ensure that we assist clients with their purchasers as much as we can, providing them with all the information they need. This why we invest heavily in CGI and virtual reality, enabling customers the luxury of walking through our homes from the comfort of their own homes, online. St Nicholas Fields is also ideal for first-time buyers and those looking for affordable rent in the area as it includes seven affordable properties as part of a partnership with Newydd Housing. Two two- bedroom homes will be for sale under the Help to by scheme, with a further five two-bedroom properties available for rent. These properties have been designed in a similar style to the larger executive homes and are just as stunning!

To view St Nicholas Fields CGI home tour on line go to: 4 New Homes Wales and the South West

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