57% of

homeowners admit to being too lazy to save energy and money on their bills

A study by Heat Insulation Ltd, an organisation off ering grant funded home insulation, suggests that the majority of homeowners are not doing as much as they could to save the environment due to laziness. When asked to honestly say what they’re typically doing with their time instead, 71% of homeowners responded by saying they are most likely watching TV. Coming in second place with 14% was simply spending time with the family. A total of 498 homeowners across the UK took part in the survey, with the aim being whether or not we need to do more to save our planet. Common excuses for not recycling or conserving energy 1. It’s too hard (37%) 2. They cannot make a diff erence (23%)

3. They forget (17%) 4. There is no fi nancial incentive (14%) 5. It doesn’t benefi t them directly (9%) Probably the most surprising excuse shared by 28 individuals (3%) who took part in the survey was that they do not believe global warming is an issue. One respondent specifi cally stated that “global warming is an excuse created by multi-national corporations to get research funds from governments so that they then use to line their pockets”. Dr Matthieu Boisgontier, who works for the University of British Columbia, and undertook a study on whether or not we are hardwired for laziness, believes:

conserving energy as our ancestors relied on this to increase their chances of survival.

“our brains are attracted to It allowed

them to be more effi cient in searching for food and shelter, competing for sexual partners, and avoiding

predators.” Five steps to reduce the carbon footprint of your home: 1. Unplug unused appliances & devices 2. Recycle everything (or as close to as possible!) 3. Insulate your home, save money and the environment

4. Use LED lights 5. Switch to a renewable energy provider Matthieu went on to say: “our study suggests that our brains are innately attracted to sedentary activity and this may explain why public policies to counteract the pandemic of physical inactivity have failed.” Ricky Swann, Managing Director of Heat Insulation Ltd and the individual responsible for this survey, says he is often amazed at the reasons homeowners give for not worrying about the impact they have on the world.

Miners Pension Compensation

We are successfully claiming compensation for former Welsh miners who transferred out of the Mineworkers Pension Scheme.

Many Welsh miners were advised to transfer out of their British coal pension scheme to a private scheme which paid considerably less! This was bad advice and many retired miners or there widows have lost out.

See our adverts in:

Wales Western Mail, South Wales Echo , South Wales Evening Post, Daily Post Wales, Pontypridd Observer, Gwent Gazette, Llanelli Star,

Carmarthen Journal, Caernarfon Herald, Holyhead, Bangor, Anglesey Mail, North Wales Weekly News, Merthyr Express, Glamorgan Gazette, Cynon Valley Leader, Wales on Sunday.

Did you transfer on the advice of any of the following:

• An Independent Advisor • Scottish Amicable • Prudential • Sun Life • Scottish Widows • Pearl assurance • Phoenix Life • Legal and General • Co-Op • Friends Life

• Friends Provident • Allied Dunbar • Windsor Life • Scottish Equitable • Abbey Life • Lloyds TSB • Reassure • Aviva • Aegon • Agincourt

• Consultants • Tribune Financial Management

• Townsends Financial Services

• Interlink Network • Tomkinson Financial • PPA Independent Network

• L & L Financial Example 1 - £87,000

Mr C. a miner from MERTHYR TYDFIL was made redundant in the 1980’s. After the pits closed he was advised by an agent of the Prudential to transfer £9,296 from his mineworkers fund to them. We were able to show this was poor advice and they agreed a settlement of £87,649.

Example 3 - £105,000

Mr J. from NEWPORT was made redundant from the pits in the 1980’s. On the advice of a Prudential agent he transferred £5600 of his miners pension them. He lost out as a result and we secured compensation of £105,756.

If you transferred out of the British Coal Pension Scheme and would like a FREE REVIEW, please either call us on FREEPHONE:

Name Address


I transferred out of the mineworkers pension to Please can I have a Free Review to see if I am eligible for a payout Signed


Please address to: Miners Pension Compensation Dept, Corries Solicitors Ltd, 11 Melroses Yard, Walmgate, York, YO1 9XF.

Miners Pension Compensation is a trading name of Corries Solicitors Ltd, Melroses Yard, Walmgate, York YO1 9XF. Regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority no. 424101.

Cardiff & South Wales Advertiser - Friday 11th January 2019 - 11 Example 2 - £48,000

Mr W. was a miner from ABERTILLY, he was advised by an independent financial advisor to transfer his miners pension to Scottish Life (now Royal London). We won compensation of £48,000 even though the financial advisors were no longer in business.

Example 4 - £198,000

Mr H. was a miner from PRESTATYN, in 1993 he was wrongly advised by an agent of Phoenix Life to transfer £21,000 from his miners pension to them. He was promised a better return which wasn’t true, he received compensation of £198,538.

0800 988 7997 or return the form below

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