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ARIES (March 21st to April 19th) The year ahead should prove a challenging one for all Aries subjects. Problems will abound though none will be insoluble if you keep your head. What is needed is a great deal of organisation. You will need to be sure of your facts at every turn. You must make sure your communication skills are top class because you won’t be able to afford being misunderstood.

Socially you will be much in demand and this will call for great efforts on your part because you will be more concerned with matters of finance and your career. You will have to force yourself to accept invitations. There is a chance your emotional life will improve if you do. Watch your health. Too much hard work and too little rest will take their toll. On the other hand, if your income slips too far, the worries that will cause, could also pull you down. What’s needed here is a balanced approach to everything you do.

TAURUS (April 20th to May 20th) You will have to cure your tendency to see everything as a worst possible scenario. Your pessimism could depress those around you who could do with a bit of a boost. Forget doom and gloom. This should be a wow of a year, so get ready to enjoy it. It should be a good year for those close to you too, so don’t let that minor key enter into your life. For those heart-free, an emotional entanglement could be on its way. The word entanglement is used advisedly because, like everything else in your life, it will be complicated. However, if you take things as they come and don’t expect too much, it should all work out well for you both. Money might not be the good news you hope for, of course. This remains an uncertain element in your future. Security and stability however, can come from many new sources, so don’t worry too much. Health matters could be the one dark spot on the horizon. Again however, although discomfort may be on the cards, the cause won’t be too serious, nothing a sensible, healthy lifestyle can’t sort out anyway.

GEMINI (May 21st to June 21st) As the year 2018 draws to a close, so too will a certain aspect of your life come to an end. This is no bad thing. You have been needing a change for some time now and although you have shied away from taking the necessary steps yourself, Providence is taking over and making the changes for you. All you need do is sit back and await events with a kindly interest.

Family matters will be important in the coming year. Certain members close to you will need special support through a testing time. You won’t need to do anything however, just be there. Health and finance do seem to be tied together in the coming year. Perhaps you will need to take time off to recuperate? If so, don’t panic, it won’t be for anything serious. So finances generally remains on an even keel. Don’t be tempted to blow your all on unexpected bargains. They may not be bargains at all - especially if you don’t need them!

CANCER (June 22nd to July 22nd)

What you need to do this year is plan ahead. Normally you just let things happen, coping with problems as they arise. This year however, you will have to be more organised than that, and you should be prepared for all eventualities. Try to envisage events and circumstances and have contingency plans ready for each. Whatever else you do, don’t be caught out unprepared or it will cost you dear. On the subject of ‘cost’, your financial situation could be giving cause for worry. The problem is more going out than coming in. Yes it’s the usual problem but this year you will have to change the trend. The support you have being relying on for so long, may not be there any more.

Children and pets will loom large on your horizon. They will bring endless problems and stacks of pleasure, which is the way of all good things. Finally watch your health. Don’t neglect yourself and don’t over-indulge, whatever else you do.

LEO (July 23rd to August 22nd) You are normally an organised, methodical person who knows where you are going in life. Well this year all that could change. Something (or someone) may come into your life and organisation and method will go right out of the windows. However, you will enjoy the new experience of uncertainty and it will be good for you, so certainly don’t try to fight it. While all your emotions are in turmoil, your career and financial affairs will be continuing along the course you chose long ago. It says a lot for the way you have run your life to date, that few problems will arise. Some will however and they won’t be inconsiderable. You would be well advised to put certain things into the hands of experts. Normally you would cope alone but, under the circumstances you must be sensible. You can’t do everything, there isn’t time.

With all this going on you will need to remember your health. Why not join a health club or gym? It may not immediately appeal but you would soon get into the swing of things, you could meet new faces, enjoy new activities and get fit into the bargain.

VIRGO (August 23rd to September 22nd) This coming year should see your life taking an entirely new turn. You have felt restless for a while now and it’s time you sought out pastures new. You should be offered several opportunities and new occupations. Now gambling isn’t your strong point and one particular offer may be something less than a certainty. It doesn’t do to leap into the water blind so to speak, so get informed advice. If you are not completely happy, turn it down and look elsewhere. Mid-year you may find you have lost out in a competitive venture. Don’t worry, that may have been the gamble! Your love life could be pretty spectacular if you don’t watch out. Take care you don’t

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upset an established partnership, that could be disastrous. There is also a youngster expressing an interest. Don’t take any notice. Watch your health. Take care if you catch cold. You don’t want it to develop into something more serious.

LIBRA (September 23rd to October 23rd) You are normally a balanced sort of person but during the coming year you may be taking on some unusual roles and acting in anything but a balanced way. This is not really a problem. A leopard cannot change its spots and although you may be doing unlikely things, your natural talent of amenable even-handedness will get you through successfully. You’ll find the whole experience quite exhilarating too. You will need to keep your mind on the more normal activities of your life while all this is going on, so start thinking about your holidays now, and make that booking as soon as you’ve made up your mind. If you don’t you’ll always find something else more pressing and you’ll never get away. This is very important. Both you and the one nearest to you, will need a break come the summer.

Career-wise you should have few problems. If you have to make a change, it looks as though it will be for the better.

SCORPIO (October 24th to November 22nd) The new year should start with a real bang. Lots to do and lots of fun. As it progresses, things will slowly quieten down and you could begin to get bored. When you get bored you tend to do silly things and it causes all sorts of hassle. If you do feel tempted to let your hair down for no reason at all, think again. Consider your position and the image you should be projecting. That should take the wind out of your sails for a while. Progress in your career may seem blocked. It isn’t if you are prepared to put the right amount and kind of effort into it. It will mean considering further study of course but, under the circumstances, that may be just the thing to keep you out of mischief. Early on in the year you may have to make a decision concerning your emotional life. Think very hard before you burn your boats though. What you are thinking of taking as a replacement may not be quite what it seems.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd to December 21st) Wisdom should be the watchword this year and you are a wise sort of person. So much so in fact, friends and colleagues often come to you for advice. This year try not to give any. It’s possible your judgement is slightly impaired and you won’t want any disasters on your conscience.

Of course you have to ask yourself why your judgement will be impaired in the coming year. Well it’s a matter of emotions. If you are up in the air emotionally, you will never see things for what they are, and it looks as though affairs of the heart are of supreme importance for you as the year matures. Of course if you are not fancy-free, you may have to make some hard decisions and look at your present arrangements rather more closely than hitherto. Still, if you do find deciding difficult, someone is probably coming back into your life and that person was always good at knowing what was best for you!

CAPRICORN (December 22nd to January 20th) If you are considering a new occupation, look around seriously in March and April. There could be something of interest to you then. Be careful though. Remember you do have security, where you are, that you will find hard to replace. You might be better advised re-negotiating whatever contract or agreement you have at present. It’s possible you are valued more than you realise. Socially you will be much in demand in the coming months, starting off with a rather good New Year celebration. You might then suppose things would be a bit quiet till Easter, but you would be wrong. Your problems will lie in deciding which invitation to accept and how to fit everything else in your life, into the time left over.

AQUARIUS (January 21st to February 19th) You must think carefully about money in the coming year. You could be in the way of a small windfall, if so, you would be better advised to spend rather than invest. What you spend however, is another problem you’ll have to solve to achieve the ultimate potential. On the whole you will have to be very careful about managing your finances. Some rather outrageous profligacy earlier on in 2019 will have to be paid for in 2000, so keep some cash aside so it may be better used in that direction. Your health must be a prime concern with you in the coming months. You have a very stiff programme of activities in front of you and you will need to be fit. That means regular daily exercise. Of course, being you, you’ll throw yourself into your exercising as you do everything else, with wholehearted enthusiasm. Some might call it rashness. In your case you must be careful not to overdo things. So much depends on you being fit, well and active.

PISCES (February 20th to March 20th) The coming year will be one of development. To a certain extent many of your ambitions for yourself and family will be realised. Perversely, many more will not, and this is something you will have to come to terms with. Try to settle into your ‘groove’ and make it as amenable as possible without changing more than is necessary. Mid-year could see a change of circumstances. It could be for the worse, but it may be pleasantly different. It will however require a great deal of re-adjustment. In many ways you will see it as a stroke of luck, though in coming year you may wish to think again. Either way, others will envy you and you will have to be careful. Ill-will from whatever direction, is a bad thing. Your health may not be quite up to par, nothing serious, just the little niggles we all experience as life moves forward. It won’t be anything you can’t handle that’s for sure. However, don’t become complacent. What’s written in the stars is not always final, just a gentle guide.

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