Bullying, school stress and Brexit fears top list of worries for children in 2019

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February 11th-15th 2019 Limited Spaces

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Bullying, Brexit fears and exam and school stress are what parents are most worried about for their children in 2019, a survey by Barnardo’s has found. The UK’s leading children’s charity commissioned YouGov to poll parents of 4 to 18 year olds in Wales to find out what their hopes and fears are for their children in this coming year. In the survey, 58 % of the parents questioned said they were concerned about what 2019 will have in store for their children. Bullying both on and off line was the number one concern, worrying 50% of those parents, closely followed by exam and school stress (48%). Interestingly, more than a third (36%) said they were worried Brexit could have a negative effect on their children’s future. Barnardo’s is pleased to see parents are also concerned about the impact of cuts to children’s services (e.g. education, early years services, youth clubs etc. with 35% worried about this). Local authorities are facing a £3bn funding gap for services by 2025 and it is vital the Government gives them enough resources to plug the gap. This is why Barnardo’s has joined with other children’s charities and the Local Government Association, to call on the Prime Minister to ensure the services have enough resources. It is also urging people to join the campaign by emailing their MP to ask them to take a stand for vulnerable children. A quarter of the parents said they are concerned their children may develop mental health issues and not get appropriate or timely support while 23% are worried their children will be affected by drugs or knife crime, either as a victim or a perpetrator. Barnardo’s Chief Executive Javed Khan said: “It is troubling, although not surprising, that more than two fifths of parents (48%) are concerned about their children being stressed about school and exams. “Learning how to cope with stress is a vital life skill. Without this, children can find it overwhelming, and then it can develop into a serious mental health issue. Schools must look at ways of how to reduce the stress their pupils face, and how to deal with it.” It is not all doom and gloom though, as parents have high hopes for their children being happy and healthy in 2019. The vast majority (82%) hoped their offspring will feel loved and supported, with the same number hoping they will be mentally and physically healthy and receive a good education or training. Other top hopes for this year include their children developing healthy friendships (84%) and 74% hoping they will be resilient and able to deal with any challenges they may face.

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