to Mary Yee & Nigel Tranter

Congratulations to Mary Yee and Nigel Tranter who were married on Sunday 5th May from us all at the Cardiff and South Wales Advertiser. Mary, the Studio Manager of Cardiff


South Wales Advertiser and Nigel will be honeymooning in Bermuda. We wish them a long & happy marriage.

Jacqui Haines Deputy Minister visits Ysgol Pencae

Local residents recently took a detour aisles

from the

Deputy Minister for Housing and

Local Government,

Hannah Blythyn has visited Ysgol Pencae in Cardiff to highlight the Welsh Government’s consultation on a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for drinks containers. The Llandaf school is one of Wales’ many eco-schools and its eco-committee has

been working to increase understanding of waste and reduce its plastic use through

initiatives such

as the weekly ‘plastic-free Friday’. If a DRS is to be introduced in Wales, shoppers would be expected to pay a deposit on plastic, glass and metal drinks containers (excluding

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Commercial • Domestic • Residential

milk containers) which would be refunded on return. The

consultation which supermarket to the donation chair as Deputy Minister

encouraged the eco- committee to respond to the

has been summarised and made available to all eco- schools in Wales. Hannah Blythyn said:


really enjoyed meeting the inspiring pupils at Ysgol Pencae. They gave me their views about how we can reduce our plastic waste and improve recycling rates in Wales and we had some useful

discussions about

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8 - Friday 10th May 2019 - Cardiff & South Wales Advertiser

plastic use and deposit return schemes.” The Welsh Government is also part of another UK wide consultation on Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging which aims to ensure that producers bear the waste management cost of the products they place onto the market, in line with the ‘polluter pays’ principle. The UK Government is also consulting on a tax on the production and import of plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic.

they rolled up their sleeves to give blood at a Welsh Blood Service donation session at Tesco Penarth on Terra Nova Way. Shoppers, staff and local residents were among the 64 people that attended to give blood, including 11 donors who donated for the fi rst time. Collectively, the 64 donations collected could potentially save or improve the lives of up to 192 patients in need. Barry resident Sarah Thompson, an employee at the superstore, used her lunch break to make a lifesaving donation. She said: “Donating was very quick, easy and convenient. Since the Welsh Blood Service has been coming to Tesco, I have made an eff ort to give; whether it be on my break or at the end of the day. “Many years ago, I experienced fi rst-hand

the blood

giving blood when my son, Jack, required

importance following


premature birth. “By donating, you could save someone’s life, whether that be a friend,

relative or a complete

stranger. You also never know when or why you may need a blood transfusion yourself. The Welsh Blood Service needs to collect 100,000 units of blood each year to help patients across Wales. Blood is used to support patients with a range of needs,


including replacing the blood lost during serious accidents, helping mothers and babies that require blood after childbirth, and supporting cancer patients through chemotherapy. Penarth resident Jacqui Haines, 66, was a nurse for 46 years within Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan before her retirement. During her time in nursing, Jacqui came to know fi rst-hand the diff erence blood donations can make to patients in need in Wales. She said: “I used to give blood intermittently

for many years.

However, it wasn’t until my brother was recently diagnosed with throat cancer that the importance of giving blood was pushed to the forefront of my mind once again.” “My brother is now making a full recovery, but I still continue to give blood to help other patients of cancer and other illnesses across Wales.” With a number of donation sessions available in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, there are many opportunities for new and existing donors to give blood. The Welsh Blood Service will be at Tesco Penarth again on Tuesday 14th May.

throughout the day, you can book your appointment

With availability online

here: To fi nd your nearest donation session and to start your lifesaving journey visit: or call 0800 252 266.

Penarth shoppers unite to potentially save almost 200 lives

Sarah Thompson

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