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Slimmer Eleni Miliorizou-Morrison’s health and fitness are the best they’ve been in over fifteen years! Her cholesterol and blood pressure levels are now normal, and she no longer relies on anti- depressants to cope with everyday stress. Eleni has tried to lose weight several times throughout her life, starting in her teens after she had her thyroid removed due to thyroid cancer. She managed to lose 4 stone a couple of times, and 7.5 stone on one occasion, but the weight always crept back on whenever she felt low or vulnerable. Other organisations just didn’t offer the support, or encourage a more active lifestyle as Slimming World do. Before SW, Eleni didn’t enjoy going out, was self- conscious and uncomfortable in her clothes. Her confidence was at an all-time low, and she hated shopping for clothes and not fitting into the ones she liked. Physically, Eleni was struggling to stand for long periods of time and walking was painful. She was referred to an exercise class by her GP, before joining SW and she hoped to lose weight. Being obese affected her health as she suffered from raised cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and was at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. She was also suffering from anxiety and depression due to the loss of her beloved father, sister, mother and baby daughter before finding out that her husband had Motor Neurone Disease, which led to her eventually leaving a successful career in science teaching to become her husband’s full-time carer. She felt as though she’d lost her identity. Eleni started exercising before SW by joining a GP referral exercise class first. Then, over a period of several months she built in aqua aerobics, zumba classes, then yoga and eventually Pilates.

After about one year, whilst her fitness had improved slightly, she hadn’t lost as much weight as she had hoped to and she realised that she needed help in order to lose more to reach her goal.

and plenty of support to help her through her first and subsequent weeks.

She always felt welcome and VOTED


Also Regional finalist 2019 “MISS SLINKY” by St Mellons Group 2018 & “GREATEST LOSER 2019”

Eleni at her target weight, 6st 9lbs lighter and just before joining Slimming World

The Group: The first day Eleni joined her Slimming World Group is firmly implanted in her memory. She was so nervous that her heart was racing, she felt nauseous and had a pounding migraine. Her head was full of many doubts, the main one being that she had never managed to successfully lose weight and keep it off in the past. However, she needn’t have worried because the Group venue was so easy to find and she was welcomed with a warm, friendly smile by her Slimming World Consultant, Anne Aherne. At Group, Eleni picked up lots of tips, recipe ideas

valued and never judged or humiliated. There were lots of inspiring and motivational members who had lost lots of weight or who were target members and Eleni aspired to be like them. She loved that she was trusted to choose her own personal achievement target (PAT) weight, rather than having one chosen for her. At times when she felt frustrated/disappointed with her weight lose journey, IMAGE therapy helped her stay motivated and when appropriate she was given tools to help guide her eg, SAS logs, Food Diaries, For & Against list or a featured article from the SW magazine or website. Most importantly, Group, together with Eleni’s family and friends, have helped her after the loss of her beloved husband. They are still helping/supporting her pick up the pieces and she couldn’t have done it without her much loved extended family. Now as a target member herself, Eleni feels both privileged and excited to share her love of Food Optimising and Body Magic with others, and has now relaunched a local group.


SLIMMING WORLD GROUPS at Rumney Bapist Church

30 Tyr-Y-Sarn Road, CF3 3BD Tuesdays 5pm and 7pm Contact Eleni on 07596 072832

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Throughout November In-store & Online

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