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Pioneer Cross is a London based ethical luxury fashion brand which was founded in 2017 by Brijitte Dreyfus and Clare Calverley. Pioneer Cross creates fashion in which everyday luxury can be a force for good. ‘Frontiers’, their first collection of outerwear incorporates the imagery of the Native Americans’ and celebrates their legacy and heritage. Te coats and cape which are manufactured in London effortlessly combine exquisite fabrics, classic British tailoring, and exceptional attention to detail. Te true craſtsmanship and time it takes to create each piece harks back to an age of true luxury and quality, when pieces were treasured for generations. Created from sustainably responsible natural fabrics such as yak down, merino wool and silk the collection gives high-end, luxury outerwear new meaning and purpose. Teir supply chain supports a small number of global communities such as the Maasai woman in Kenya, who craſt hand-beaded collars for the collection. Te yak fabric incorporated throughout Frontiers is sourced by yak herders living symbiotically with their herds on the plateau of the Himalayas.

“We wanted to create a warm, beautiful, durable and luxurious collection of outerwear which was the

antithesis of disposable fast fashion. We want our message to be told through those who wear Pioneer Cross. Our aim is to get people excited about sustainable fashion and to remind people excited about sustainable fashion and to remind people that being considerate of the world we live in is actually an ancient way of thinking; and goes back to a time when people lived in harmony with the planet” says Dreyfus.

“Our story is inspired by the open plains and the frontiers of the Native Americans and is woven through the entire collection and brand, from our illustrated silk lining, the imagery in our beaded collars to the story of

the Cheyenne Trade Blanket. Our fabrics are important to us, and through the development of our yak down, we hope to replace the idea of having to wear fur to stay really warm and to convey high glamour. Yak rivals cashmere to the touch and yet, because it is sourced from a nomadic herd, it is more ethical and sustainable” says Calverley.

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