Cardiff pupils go bananas for energy during E.ON’s Creative Conductors workshops

St Teilo’s Sixth Formers Spread Christmas Joy

Pupils at primary schools across Cardiff have made sweet music during interactive workshops which saw them use anything from bananas to plasticine and high-fi ves to make circuits that enabled them to create instruments and play music via their computers. The innovative ‘Creative Conductors’ workshops are designed to help improve pupils’ understanding of electricity, conduction and circuits, and conclude with students performing their musical creations for their classmates. During the workshops, pupils rolled up their sleeves and experimented with a range of foods, plants and everyday objects which they clipped to circuit boards in order to demonstrate how the items could help conduct electricity. Carol Fry, Year 3 Teacher at Lansdowne Primary School in Canton, said: “The children always respond well to external visitors, and this was something new for them to get

involved with. They enjoyed the hands-on, practical approach as they investigated electrical circuits and powered a mix of sounds.” Creative Conductors forms part of E.ON’s broader educational activities, developed to help teach children about where energy comes from and how it is used in our everyday lives. E.ON off ers educational workshops through its Energise Anything programme, which also includes online parent-led as well as classroom-based activities. These support the national curriculum and have been designed to help pupils aged 5-16 understand all stages of energy production, distribution and consumption. Full details and resources can be found at eonenergy. com/energiseanything. E.ON customers can visit eonenergy. com/smart for more information about E.ON’s self-reading smart meters and to see if they are able to get one installed. If eligible today, they can also book an appointment online.

St Teilo’s Sixth Formers Spread Christmas Joy St

Wales High

Teilo’s Church in School is

embracing the true spirit of Christmas in a bid to bring the school and the surrounding community together. The ‘good neighbour’


will see each sixth form student passing a personal invitation to a guest of their choice, to attend the school’s annual Christmas community charity event. As part of the school’s

ethos, pupils and staff regularly engage in charity work and seek to strengthen their relationships within the local area. On this occasion, pupils will be asked to put some thought into their choice of ‘plus one’, as the aim of the ‘good neighbour’ project is to invite somebody they believe would enjoy the event or even benefi t from the festivities. This could be a neighbour, a relative or somebody lonely

or vulnerable in the community that they can reach out to. Those attending the event will

enjoy live

entertainment, a performance from the school choir and festive refreshments prepared by the students. As an additional treat, pupils studying hospitality are set to put their classroom learning into practice and will be acting as the front of house team, serving guests the deliciously festive feast.

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