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...Be my Bride

Flowers usually decorate the reception and the ceremony venue. T ey may be supplied by the caterers but many families like to add their own touches. T ey may for example, wish to echo the bride’s bouquet. T ey may wish to have a fl ower girl preceding the bride up the aisle, scattering fl owers or petals as she goes. Some clergymen allow this and some don’t, so always establish this before purchasing the blooms. By the same token some clergymen allow the church to be decorated according to the bride’s wishes and some don’t. Register Offi ces are usually already decorated and special, certifi ed wedding venues will oſt en supply extra fl owers on request. T e reception tables always benefi t from fl ower arrangements. Sometimes the blooms are arranged in dozens of individual bouquets which guests are invited to take away at the end as souvenirs. T ese can of course be silk fl owers in which case the souvenirs will be very long lasting indeed. T e bridal bouquets will have been ordered way back when the gowns were chosen. It’s as well to see the fl orist early as he or she will know what fl owers will be in season at the time of the wedding. And don’t forget buttonholes and corsages for guests, those special bouquets for the bride and groom’s mothers, and their grandmothers if they are still around. Other decorations like helium fi lled balloons and streamers can be bought from any party shop, there’s bound to be one in your locality. T ey come in all colours as well as gold and silver and can be printed with the names of the happy pair. Finally there is the cake to consider. Most bakers have pattern books from which to choose the style. It is as well to order the cake well in advance and arrange for it to be delivered to the reception venue. A large cake, even a single tier, is no easy matter to transport. Best give the risk to the baker. Don’t forget to order a stand. T ey are not supplied automatically and cakes always look better properly displayed. If the cake is to be made by a giſt ed friend or relative, a stand will still be necessary. Many bakers and some hardware stores operate a hiring service, so it may not be necessary to buy one. And don’t forget that special knife with which to make the ceremonial fi rst cut. No ordinary knife will do, and it will make yet another beautiful souvenir of the day for bride and groom to cherish.

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